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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

Lea sobre ¿Donde Puedo Conceguir Articulos O Periódicos En Ingles Relacionados Con Venezuela Por El Internet?, respecto a Educación It

EDUCACIóN IT, Cita textual de ¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet? enfocada en nuestra sección de educación it para lectura de nuestros allegados.

Question by PINK: ¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?
Hola necesito cualquier informacion relacionada con venezuela durante los ultimos 15 años de fuentes originales y con sus links o pagina de acceso, tambien puede abarcar estas areas: petroqumica petroleo gas alimentos agroindustria automotriz informatica salud infraestructura medio de transporte educacion telecomunicaciones sistema vial entre otras. toda la informacion tiene que ser de fuentes originales escritas en ingles. por 10 puntos

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Answer by //sara mm//
Analysis by vulnerable groups
Infant population (under 1 year of age): Between 1940 and 2002, infant mortality rate fell from 123 to 18.6 per 1,000 live newborns; the mortality was reduced in 85%. The speed of the fall is higher in the post-neonatal component than in the neonatal one. In 2002, the most significant causes of death were certain conditions originated in the neonatal period (55.7%), congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (16.4%), and they are followed by certain infectious and parasitic diseases (11.3%), respiratory system diseases (5.3%) and external causes with a morbidity and mortality of 4.3%. Between 1990 and 2000, mortality due to diarrheic diseases in children under 5 years of age fell 80% (from 215.7 per 100,000 live newborns to 42.1), and the mortality due to acute respiratory infections fell 36%. In 2000 and in relation to morbidity, diarrheic and respiratory diseases occupied the first places. Low birth weight in 2000 was reported in 12% in the most important obstetric wards in the country.

Women in reproductive age (15-49 years): Maternal mortality rate diminished from 172 per 100,000 live newborns in 1940 to 68 in 2002. In 2002 in Venezuela 335 maternal deaths were registered, this means that every day occurred a maternal death. The most significant causes of maternal death were edema, proteinuria and hypertensive disorders (34%); other obstetrical disorders non classified in another part (17%), obstetrical complications related to labor and delivery (13%); obstetrical complications related to puerperium (13%) and pregnancy ending in abortion (11%). In some states almost 30% of these deaths occurred in women under 20 years. Considering that more than 95% of childbirths are physician-attended, most of these deaths are preventable improving the quality of health care. Studies carried out in 2000 showed that 16.5% of women in reproductive age suffered anemia and that this percentage rose to 22% in the poorest population. The coverage of prenatal care in 1997 was 25.5% and it is currently about 50%. The total fertility rate in 2002 was 2.1 children per woman.

Adolescents (10-24 years): In 2003, the adolescent population was 33% of the total Venezuelan population. In 1998, seven out of ten adolescents lived in a poor household; almost 40% of adolescent population between 15-17 years of age were excluded from the regular educative system. The average age for male premarital intercourse is 14 years, and in women is 15, usually with older sexual partners and without protection. The fertility rate among adolescent women between 15-19 years of age has diminished in the last ten years from 97 to 87 live newborns per 1,000 women, though; its contribution to the total fertility has risen. In 2002, the main causes of morbidity among adolescents were concentrated in psycho-social and family problems, like family dysfunction, depression, poor school performance, suicidal behavior, alcoholism and use of illegal drugs, and intra-family violence. Among the first causes of death are the accidents, violence, suicide and homicide; death causes related to motherhood are in 7th place.

Elders (above 60 years): In 2002, the population above 60 years of was 6.5% of total population (46%, men and 54%, women). It can be expected that this population will grow three-fold in the next 25 years. In the same year, the main causes of mortality were heart diseases (32%), cancer (18%), cerebrovascular diseases (12%) and diabetes (8%). The risk of dying of these causes is higher in men than in women, but in diabetes. The main causes of morbidity are blood hypertension, followed by flu-like syndrome, diabetes, urinary infections and rheumatoid arthritis.

Indigenous population: According to the last Indigenous Census (1992), there were 371,815 indigenous inhabitants (1.5% of total population). This population was integrated by 38 ethnic groups: Wayu (54.5%), Warao (7.6%), Pemón (6%), Añú (5.5%), Yanomami (4.7%), Guajibo (3.6% and Piaroa (3.6%). These groups represent 84.4% of the total indigenous population. (3,6%). The states where indigenous population is concentrated are Zulia (62.4%), Amazonas (14%), Bolívar (11%) and Delta Amacuro (6.6%). In 1992, more than 50% of those communities did not have drinking water, nor sanitary excreta disposal means and 65% did not have a school. According to partial data of investigations done in determined ethnic groups, the main causes of morbidity are TB, malaria, parasitic diseases, malnutrition, diarrheic and respiratory diseases.

Handicapped population: It is estimated that 10% of the total Venezuelan population suffers some kind disability, dysfunction o incapacity.

Analysis by type of disease or damage

Malaria: In 2003, 31,719 cases were diagnosed; 31,186 were originated in the country and 533 were imported. This represents a 26% increase in the disease transmission in relation with the expected level. 97.8% of all cases ha

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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

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