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It’s Never Too Late to Sign Up for Curso de Ingles

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It is no longer enough for many to just learn just one language. For someone trying to break into a new career or would like to expand his horizon, learning a new language is one of the best options that can be considered. And when it comes to learning a new language, many young professionals and even students are looking at what Spanish can do for them. The internet is now home to many providers of Spanish courses, cursos de Inglés and cursos de Inglés con videos and all these instructions are designed in such a way that first timers and the intermediate learners can easily follow and understand the contents and the modules. Yes, there are other courses out there that can be taken like French and Cantonese but still Spanish holds the edge for many students and young professionals for many reasons. Here are some of the compelling reasons why cursos de Inglés and cursos de Inglés con videos get preferential attention online.

1. Did you know that this language is the 3rd most spoken language after English and Chinese? And if you count the number of native speakers of the language, this Spanish ranks two. The extent of coverage of the language is expansive, and speakers of this language can be seen in at least two continents including Europe and South America.

2. In terms of international communications, this language is popular and widely used as well. Even the United States have been using the Spanish language in the issuance of orders and announcements. For this reason, the student of international relations should take a good look at understanding this language better. So don’t be surprised that if you sign up for Spanish courses online or for cursos de Inglés and cursos de Inglés con videos only to find young professionals, government leaders and policy makers wanting to learn the intricacies of the language.

They need to learn the language because they need to understand some of the policy issuances of governments and the United Nations because some of these are expressed in the Spanish language.

3. Another important reason why getting into this language is a must-do is that the consumer segment that speaks the language has been growing. In fact, this segment is considered as the fastest-growing market segment in the Americas. The buying power of this group has exceeded 926 M in 2007!

There is no question about it, the Spanish language is here to stay and will remain influential. And it’s not yet late in the day to take up cursos de Inglés and cursos de Inglés con videos.  There are providers of these courses online, and they offer easy sign-ups for those interested. Some of these sites are packed with exercises that are categorized into Easy, Medium and Advanced Levels allowing you and the other users to take it slow yet right in learning the language. And with fun exercises and sample exams to choose from who says learning Spanish is boring, no?

There are many reasons why taking up Spanish is one good move. Consider getting cursos de Inglés and cursos de Inglés con videos now to start enjoying what the language has to offer.

Eduvim: una editorial del interior de la Argentina

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Eduvim: una editorial del interior de la Argentina
Eduvim también ajusta los detalles para el lanzamiento de una librería virtual, títulos de La Gran Poesía ( Mi bella tenebrosa , de Charles Baudelaire, y Canto órfico , de Dino Campana) y uno nuevo de Teatro Europeo Contemporáneo, serie dirigida por …
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El punto Vive Digital de Pachelly, en Bello, es el primero del país en
El ministro invitó a todos los bellanitas a hacer uso de estos espacios en los que se podrán capacitar tomando los cursos virtuales de instituciones como el Sena. "Un niño de una escuela pública con acceso a internet tiene las mismas oportunidades de …
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La banca forma a su plantilla para volver a ganarse al cliente
Una metodología que además de cursos online incluye cursos virtuales, videoconferencias o aplicaciones para móviles. La cuarta aspiración de este área es la “capacidad para abrirnos a la sociedad y compartir las mejores prácticas”. El quinto y último …
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Professor Particular De Ingles, Curso De Ingles

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What Are The Most Common Factors That Influence The Acquisition of a Second Language?

In learning a second language, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds regardless of how good you are in picking up new foreign words and learning new skills. Sometimes, your progress will be affected by certain factors that could be beyond your control. Here are some of the most common factors that can influence how fast you learn a new language.

Your Teacher or Tutor

If you signed up for a course in a formal setting, then you have to adjust to your teacher. You might not come across a teacher who is willing to cater to your specific needs especially if it is in a group setting. If you want your own pace, your own style, and even your own approach, then you’re better off with a one-on-one tutor.

Your Environment

There will always be people around you who will intentionally or not, try to discourage you from learning – anything. These people just want things to stay the way it is, and not have to deal with changes. It may get even more difficult to learn this second language if the person bringing you down is someone close to you. It could lead to confusion, distraction, and slower learning.

Your Materials

There are good and bad learning materials and you have to be sure you get the effective materials. However, it isn’t always about the latest teaching tools to be introduced because each person will have his own personal preference. For instance, if you use material that is not computer generated, it might not interest you. Seeing that you are online and reading as much as you can indicates that you enjoy using the computer; or at the very least, you understand the benefits of surfing. Thus, choose material that will keep your interest high.


The all-timer factor that can kill the best intentions. Generally, there is nothing wrong with doing other things, aside from learning a second language. In fact, you should have a life outside of studying. However, there’s a time and a place for everything, so when it’s time to study that second language, focus on just that. Turn off the TV, iPod, radio, Facebook, Twitter, and any other entertainment devices you normally use. Keep friends at bay, and tell them to wait. If they’re really your friends, then they’ll give you space.


You can be your own worst enemy, if you let it happen. This can be seen in almost any endeavor – sports, education, talent, skill, or relationships. Often, we tend to put ourselves down to feel better. Now, if you do this, you stop yourself from being the best you can be. You may think – it’s only a second language, so nothing serious, right? Wrong. In anything you do or try to accomplish whether it’s climbing a mountain or biking to the next street, if you don’t do it right, you’ll never get there.

All these factors can be used to hamper your learning, but they can also be turned around and be beneficial to learning a new language successfully.

Duda sobre la universidad mexicana a distancia ( umed)?

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Question by DSK: Duda sobre la universidad mexicana a distancia ( umed)?
Alguien a estudiado en esa universidad, o estan estudiando en ella? que les a parecido es buena ? y si alguien sabe me podrian explicar bien que es eso de que puedes escoger si quieres estudiar completamente por internet, pero hay otro que dice que tienes que asistir a clases, que tambien tienen una opcion en la que tengas que ir a clases o como ?

Best answer:

Answer by Alma V
Yo estudio por Internet otra carrera profesional; el 80% es online y el 20% restante es presencial, solo los sábados.

Te recomiendo este tipo de enseñanza, ya que las universidades que te dan el 100% online no me satisfacen.

Te lo digo como maestra universitaria. ok


Add your own answer in the comments!

Planeta.com and ITESO University Develop Ecotourism Certificate Course

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Guadalajara (PRWEB) April 26, 2005

Planeta.com and ITESO University announce the debut of an innovative ecotourism certificate course (diplomado).

The innovative course will be conducted in person AND online and is aimed at local businesses, officials and consultants with a professional interest in ecotourism. Jalisco leaders will learn from projects and operations around the world while developing local projects.

“We’re covering the major components of what constitutes ecotourism,” said Ron Mader, adding that the the final project for the class will be a small fair on campus in November.

The course begins in June and includes more than 100 hours of lectures, readings, online chats and the development of an ecotourism fair that will take place on campus in October 2005. Readings are in Spanish and English.

“The Ecotourism Certificate offered by ITESO has several benefits,” explains José de la Cerda Gastélum, the university’s director of Foreign Relations. “The course promotes tourism as a way to re-encounter nature in a responsible manner and employs advanced technology that allows participants to learn how to be one with the environment.”

For details about the ecotourism certificate course, please consult



Planeta.com is the “Global Journal of Practical Ecotourism” created in 1994 to launch a dialogue about tourism and environmental conservation. Ron Mader was also the host for the online Sustainable Development of Ecotourism web conference which preceded the 2002 Ecotourism Summit. Planeta is a two-time winner of the “Lente de Plata” award. http://www.planeta.com

ITESO is the Jesuit University of Guadalajara founded in 1957. Educational programs include certificate courses and workshops in business development, public works and human development. ITESO hosts a public meeting on its upcoming certificate programs on campus April 27th beginning at 8pm.


Contact Info:

ITESO Office of Continuing Education

(52)(33) 3669-3434 ext. 3644 and 3623

>> http://www.diplomados.iteso.mx


International Schools and Teachers Interested in Teaching Overseas Flock to Boston this Week

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Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2012

The lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA is busy with teachers from all over the country walking purposefully as they check their schedules for their next appointments. This is an Overseas Schools Teacher Recruiting Fair, and according to The International Educator (TIE), a leading newspaper covering the international school market, its an annual rite of passage for school heads looking to hire staff for their schools and educators interested in teaching overseas.

Rita McDermott, a Maryland native, made the journey to Cambridge from Colombia where she taught at Colegio Bolivar an international school in Cali, Colombia. I loved teaching in Colombia, people said it would be very difficult but I wanted to see for myself, said McDermott. “I absolutely loved it the people in Columbia are the most incredible people I have ever met I loved the food, the landscapes, the dancing, especially salsa! The seasoned international school teacher of high school English is now looking for her next assignment a little further afield. I want to cross an ocean this time and experience more cultures, said McDermott as she rushed off to her next interview.

The recruiting fair was organized by Search Associates a recruiting organization for international schools that has been organizing these fairs for over twenty years. Nearly 500 candidates were in attendance this year making the rounds of interviews with recruiters representing over 140 schools. The process has been described as the speed dating version of job-hunting — candidates book multiple appointments with visiting school representatives and interview back-to-back with as many as a half a dozen schools to see if there is a match. The process is equally grueling for school recruiters who have to balance the need to see as many candidates as possible while extending offers to teachers who they feel represent the best fit for their school before those candidates accept other offers.

This same scene is playing out across town at Bostons Westin Copley Place Hotel where ISS (International School Services) is running their overseas schools recruitment fair which ends today. International K-12 education is a big business with annual income of approximately $ 27 billion dollars (US) a year, employing over 270,000 teachers and administrators.

An estimated 75% – 80% of candidates get offers here at the fair, according to Search Associates founder and director, John Magagna, however, not all candidates accept the offers. Magagna estimates that between 15 -20% of candidates dont accept offers on the spot because they are holding out for other opportunities, or they simply need more time to mull over their decision.

Not all teachers walk away from the event with an offer in-hand. Sheelah Shortell, a high school Spanish teacher from a rural district in upstate New York, is pursuing her first overseas teaching job. In the midst of her districts budget cuts and imminent faculty layoffs, she felt this was the perfect time to act on her dream of teaching and living overseas. I found the energy at the fair absolutely thrilling, said Shortell. For the past several years teachers in my school have been so demoralized with the specter of job cuts looming overhead, that to walk into this charged environment, where you can feel the energy and enthusiasm everywhere, all I could think is: I want to teach with these people! remarked Shortell. “Teaching at an international school will give me the opportunity to remember why I started teaching in the first place, said Shortell.

As a first time participant in the fair, Shortell feels shes walking away with good contacts and a better idea of what international teaching is all about. My eyes are wide open about the process and what to expect at an international school, said Shortell. I know it wont happen overnight, but its a process and Im now proactive in that process.

To further enhance her chances of landing her dream job, Shortell stopped by the TIE (The International Educator) booth and bought a subscription to the newspaper and website where she can post her resume and search TIEs database of international school positions. I want to cover all my bases, so Im joining TIE as well, said Shortell before leaving the fair. I have a good feeling about this.

Ms. Shortell and others, who walked away from the fair without an offer in-hand, should remain optimistic as job offers often follow the fair in a matter of weeks or months. Recruiters are still making offers to candidates they met at the February fair into the months of April, May, and June when they are completing their hiring for the upcoming school year, according to Magagna. People think its over after the fair, but its not nearly one-third of offers continue to trickle-in during the spring, informs Magagna.

Forrest Broman, Executive Director of The International Educator, agrees, Headmasters will continue posting their vacancies on the TIE web site, tieonline.com, until all of their vacancies are filled and candidates who continue their search will find jobs.

This encouraging message is not lost on Sheelah Shortell, Ive been waiting a lifetime for this teaching adventure, said Shortell, I can wait a few months more.

The International Educator (TIE), located in Hyannis, MA, is a non-profit organization that for 25 years has been dedicated to developing links among teachers and the extensive American and international schools network worldwide.

KTA Offers eLearn Online Teaching Software Free to School Districts

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(PRWEB) February 21, 2012

As a part of a pilot program for innovative educations, the K-12 Teachers Alliance provided free licensing to several Illinois schools and one in Columbia.

In Illinois, KTA allotted free licensing of eLearn Assignments to Thomas Kelly High School (Chicago), Rich South School District (Park Forest), Oak Lawn High School (Oak Lawn) and St. Joseph School (Bradley) for either six months or one year. Colegio Panamericana in Columbia was also granted a free 6-month trial to utilize as an instructional tool for their international student population.

In total, more than 2,300 students benefited from the use of this innovative learning technology thanks to KTAs pilot program.

eLearn Assignments is an interactive learning technology aligned to the Common Core Standards and designed to engage students in the exploration of breaking national and international news events. KTA developed the web-based learning application that is easy for teachers and students to use and doesnt require any additional software or hardware investments for schools.

“eLearn Assignments is a great way for you to have your students practice and improve their reading and test taking skills, said Karen Smith of Oak Lawn High School. I love to use it as an opening assignment for my students. It gets them talking about current events, and they enjoy debating with each other.”

Educators are using eLearn Assignment in almost every U.S. state, along with teachers and classroom in Canada, Mexico, Columbia and India.

Using the eLearn Assignments web-based platform, teachers choose, customize, assign and auto-grade assignments with a few clicks of the mouse.

What Does eLearn Assignments Offer?

Give your CV the Spanish filip with a Language Course

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You probably heard that first from a Latin American beauty on a televised global beauty pageant. The Spanish greeting is spoken around the world — more than any other greeting in the world except those spoken in Mandarin Chinese. Among the fluent speakers of Spanish are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paulo Coelho, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez — but Spanish has a footprint in a wide array of professions. As the second most- widely spoken native language in the world with a whopping 417 million speakers, Spanish is a truly global language, recognised as one of the six official languages by the UN. It’s a great idea to have Spanish on your CV if you work in international business houses, international agencies, the tourism and hospitality industry, diplomatic services, teaching, translation, or even the government services.

A good place to start is Instituto Cervantes, Connaught Place, funded and run by the Spanish Government. Ana Isabel Reguillo Pelayo, who heads the Spanish language programme, says the institute is currently adapting its language courses to be consistent with the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Many of these Foreign Language Courses are available at suitable timings for students to take after college hours. It takes approximately three years to finish all the levels. There are no academic nor language based pre-requisites for entry into the course.

The language courses are classified under two categories: General Spanish and special courses. The entrants are divided into two groups: above 14 and below 14 and taught accordingly. The CEFR divides the learners further into three large categories and these are in turn subdivided into six levels: ‘ A’, the basic user level, with the sub- categories A1 (Breakthrough) and A2 (Waystage).

The second- level or ‘B’ is the independent user level. This consists of B1 (Threshold) and B2 ( Vantage). The third level is ‘ C’, the proficient user and comprises of C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) and C2 (Mastery).

Since the institution is funded and run by the Spanish government, the fee is very reasonable — Rs. 7,500 for 60 hours for the general Spanish course. Special courses, which are tailor-made for students who want to focus on specific aspects of the language, cost Rs. 130 per hour. These include: Spanish for children and teenagers, preparatory courses for the CBSE board exams, Spanish for hotels, and for tourist guides. There are also courses offered specifically for translation and interpretation purposes.

The best way to learn a foreign language is not by mugging up textbooks, but by watching films and reading books and magazines in the language. At the Instituto Cervantes, students have access to a well- stocked library, which offers a broad selection of literature, films, magazines and newspapers from the Spanish- speaking world.

Getting more tips and ideas about Foreign Language Courses, just visit India Academic website and find relevant information about the Online Education Courses.

Keep up with happenings at work fixed place

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Online MBA worth it?

I talked the other day with an acquaintance, who is preparing to go to Barcelona to the MBA. For the 20 months of schooling, will pay 45 000 euros. Are not included in housing costs. Schooling you pay itself and pay her parents.
What interests me is, how many completed MBA values %u200B%u200Bin Croatian companies? As a person with an Online MBA in IT degree can expect in terms of wages and in terms of promotion?


Of course, not talking about senior management, which is additionally improved, but the young people who are just starting.


As the MBA, it’s not just all the same.
The concrete in the boat, was voted one of the best. Kill of a deal, but chances are you already mobilized in the first year. Awful lot of companies recruit people from there. Even if you take into account that the head of the MBA Universidad de Navarra, more so if you know that this is the headquarters of Opus Dei, and even if you know that Opus Dei is one of the world’s largest financial corporations, and even if you’re Catholic, definitely worth it ( they need the troops in large firms). There are a lot of one year executive MBA. If you want to go out and have a good place to put the best, but you have to choose a best school for them to recruit (there are 10 or so). STP is concerned Republic, you can quickly get to the salary> 10000 kuna (I’m talking about the minimum), so you see if it’s worth. In the long term, these titles remains a lifetime, not a sufficient factor for success, but almost certainly at the end of the return on investment.


What are you saying? That the Online MBA is not worth it if you think working in Croatia, or not at all worth it (even if you plan to go out to work)?


It is obvious that the MBA is not worth it if you want to do in Croatia! Distance learning MBA is for people who will work in some of the developed countries! But again I think most well-known managers are not successful in their jobs because of a course or for some faculty, but are successful because of their personality!


I agree your attitude about the distance learning mba and the work of Croatia. Just a little overreacting to the undermining of education in general.


just want to say that many graduates of management but are not successful, and managers …

so much!

Hello everyone


colleagues, is really? How is it possible to hear that someone can obezver%u0111ivati %u200B%u200Bknowledge on any level?

Croatian managers are more known for its exceptional soposobnostima for improvisation and working in impossible conditions, with respect to the level of knowledge that is available (very low). Ma … would turn to introduce a new system of values %u200B%u200Bthrough their work and knowledge!
So … Long live the one year executive MBA! Truth is not something special, but like everything in life is up to us to build ourselves as individuals and affects their actions, first to the people around him, and then on to a better environment and more.
It is a process. I is not for cowards who think their “little me” in such Hrvatkoj we do not need and let them go outside.

It will take maybe tens of years until stavr in the labor market does not fix but until then I’m working on that at least we have some standards of knowledge.
Just … you know … What worries me is that I work with a boss who has no idea about the job and I shall show for achieving perfect moment … I fly east. Strepljenje is my answer. What do you think?

Not everyone can have their company, and someone needs to build standards managerstva.

So much of me,

Find out more info. talk about Distance learning MBA degrees and
one year executive MBA is one of the most prestigious degree.

Curso online de Derechos Humanos para internautas Latinoamericanos.

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(PRWEB) June 9, 2005

San Sebastián, España. Junio 9, 2005. — Organizado por la prestigiosa Fundación Asmoz de Eusko Ikaskuntza –Sociedad de Estudios Vascos, el próximo mes se abrirá el periodo de inscripción del Curso de postgrado en Derechos Humanos que podrá realizarse desde América Latina al ser impartida totalmente on line, lo que permitirá que cualquier profesional latinoamericano interesado podrá realizarlo a distancia mediando la utilización de Internet.

El curso, enfocado a profesionales de la abogacía, de las Organización No Gubernamentales, periodistas o burócratas se ha realizado con gran éxito de estudiantes en ediciones anteriores y con participación de todos los países de la región donde el interés por la materia es muy importante.

Un tema sensible en la región que fue la más peligrosa para los activistas de los derechos humanos en 2004, al ser asesinados o amenazados de muerte 102 de ellos, según el informe anual del Observatorio para la Protección de Defensores de Derechos Humanos (OPDDH). Mas información en la dirección de Internet http://www.asmoz.org/DH/

“Uno de las ventajas del curso es que permite que profesionales del derecho y de los derechos humanos de diferentes países de América Latina y Europa se pongan en contacto, bien como alumno o como profesores” asegura Luís Mari Zaldua Director de la Fundación Asmoz. Los alumnos que finalicen el curso, además, recibirán una titulación acreditativa de la realización de este curso de postgrado.

La Fundación Asmoz con sede en San Sebastián, España, también ofrece otros cursos on line a los estudiantes de América Latina, ya que entre sus objetivos se encuentra la realización de cursos con estudiantes de Europa y América, como método para enriquecer la enseñanza con las aportaciones de alumnos de diferentes naciones.

Entre los cursos que la Fundación Asmoz, http://www.asmoz.org, organiza y cuya inscripción se abre ahora están el Master de Derecho Medioambiental (http://www.asmoz.org/MIDA/), una especialidad con cada vez más oportunidades laborales y salidas profesionales, o el Master en Derecho en Comercio Internacional (http://www.asmoz.org/MICI/) que con una duración de 600 horas se ha convertido en una titulación experta por la cada vez mayo importancia del comercio entre América Latina y bloques como la Unión Europea, China o la NAFTA.

También se ofrece en versión reducida de Especialidad en 400 horas y Experto en 200 horas, todos ellos con el aval de la Universidad del País Vasco, España.

Acerca de Fundación Asmoz

La Fundación Asmoz, organizadora del Curso, fue creada en el seno de Eusko Ikaskuntza-Sociedad de Estudios Vascos y cuenta con una sólida trayectoria dedicada a gestionar cursos propios y ajenos de Universidades y otras Instituciones. Tiene una vocación de servicio público, por eso somos una Fundación sin ánimo de lucro dirigida por un Patronato.

Su principal objetivo es ofrecer formación continua de calidad a través de las redes telemáticas contando para ello con los mejores profesores de cada disciplina. El equipo docente está constituido exclusivamente por Titulados Superiores con amplia experiencia en Docencia on-line.

Información adicional

Si desea recibir información adicional sobre el Curso o concertar alguna entrevista con responsable del curso o de la Fundación Asmoz organizadora del curso, por favor escriba a [email protected] o consulte la dirección http://www.asmoz.org



I.G. Anza

Tfno (00 34) 696 28 29 34

Fax /00 1 ) 309 405 4543

Email: [email protected]

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