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An Honest Nokia N8 Review

An Honest Nokia N8 Review

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For people who are searching for a personal high-end phone, eventually they would have to set their eyes on a new cellular phone called the Nokia N8 along with a Nokia N8 review.  Many people have sought phones that would deliver all the demands of people today, which include high-end features, a sophisticated look, and multi-purpose connectivity. As a lot of brands have strived to compete and dominate while incorporating all of these aspects, a certain Japanese brand made its move by creating the Nokia N8. In line with everything else in the market, how will the Nokia N8 make a name for itself?

Before anything else in this Nokia N8 review, the features must first be introduced to gain an absolute understanding of what it is capable of and how it will be rated. This smart phone has a lot of connectivity options, which include Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, and 3G connectivity that is capable of automatic switching between 3G and GSM bands. The phone has a 3.5-inch AMOLED touch screen that functions as a light detector, a magnetometer, orientation sensor, and proximity sensor, and has an on-screen alphanumeric keypad and keyboard for characters. Perhaps the most distinct feature of this phone is its integrated assisted GPS receiver with free Ovi Maps. It has a 12-megapixel camera with flash and 720p video capture, a secondary camera for video calls, a digital audio and video player, 16 GB of internal memory, memory expansion of up to 32 GB, HDMI compatibility, FM transmitter, and a hands-free speaker.

The Nokia N8 has a lot of features that make this an absolute stand out above any other smart phone out there. The first and most important feature of all is its smart and dedicated connectivity features. It has one of the most effective Bluetooth connections out there, being capable of complete Bluetooth stack implementation, which even allows the control of other external applications like Microsoft Powerpoint, and HSPA modem, which could create and accept Wi-Fi hotspots with ease. This smart phone also has free GPS connectivity and tracking which is somewhat convenient as far as smart phones go, and even an FM receiver that even some leading high-end phones do not possess. Another thing about this phone that takes it a notch about the rest is its multi-tasking feature, which pins down most current generation phones that would normally require its users to close a running application before going to another one.

Although the Nokia N8 has a bunch of amazing features, it has some minor flaws that put it a half-step down. This smart phone makes use of its touch pad for the keyboard; however, it may seem awkward and uncomfortable for some people, so the lack of a physical keyboard is one flaw. The phone has a good gaming engine, but the lack of the PSX4DROID or other engines make this phone a couple of meters behind the current gaming trend. Lastly, the battery of the phone is not easily replaceable like other phones.

In this Nokia N8 review, the phone had its own minor downs, but it is able to hold off on its own against other powerhouses with its powerful connectivity, helpful GPS feature, and excellent multi-tasking.

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An Honest Nokia N8 Review

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