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Android Commtiva N700 Tablet Review

Android Commtiva N700 Tablet Review

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This Android is a tablet that is seven inches wide. It is powered by the Android operating system 2.2. The Android OS 2.3 is also available in the market. Since the device runs on the Android operating system, you can access the Android Market. There are thousands of applications available in the Android Market, though this does not mean that all applications are useful for your tablet. In fact, you will find only a small proportion of the applications relevant to your tablet. In addition, the storage space on your tablet probably not allow a large number of applications can be downloaded. The tablet runs on a processor speed of 600 MHz free fat enough for you to your tasks. In addition, there is Wi-Fi, which means you can access the internet with 3G connectivity. Allows you to surf the Internet at much higher speeds. Due to the large screen size, you will not have to struggle to the pages they read not so much compressed. The tablet gives you the opportunity to participate in instant messaging services.

There are instant messaging services like Google Talk, SMS and IM available in the tablet. The messaging services will help you stay in touch with friends and colleagues. You’ll also be able to easily use the social sites and updates to install. The social sites like Twitter and MySpace are readily available on screen and thus is able to post updates on their profiles from time to time. There are also GPS navigation services with Google Maps, you’ll be able to streets, towns and cities. This will allow you to easily locate a particular location. This will be especially useful if you are new to a particular area and need directions to a particular place. It saves you the embarrassment of having to ask for directions of total strangers. 512 MB RAM is greater than many of the personal computers. You can also increase the storage size by using the microSD slot.

The camera comes with a camera that helps you to record videos and take good videos. As such, you will be able to major events in your life to capture. Remember that moments explained but experienced. The camera comes with image stabilization and auto focus so you will be able to take good quality pictures, even if you’re an amateur.

Another application is the built-in calendar that will allow you to easily plan and track your events. If you are increasing pressure, this agenda will be a great help. The media applications in these tablets are also many. So you can download songs from many music stores and listen to them online using your headjack.The media player supports many video and audio formats. When shopping for this tablet, it is important to some online research and then figure out which store the best value for money. Monitoring of the conditions under which the guarantee is offered.

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Android Commtiva N700 Tablet Review

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