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Apollo Security Sales Engineers New Check-In for Brazilian School

Apollo Security Sales Engineers New Check-In for Brazilian School

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Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Via sub-contraction through FMB Sistemas, Apollo Security Sales was hired by the Lutheran University of Brazil (also known as ULBRA) to develop a new and specialized security system for students.

According to UMBRA, students werent regularly attending classes they were registering for causing a decrease in the academic climate of the University and creating an atmosphere where students were not encouraged to earn their credits. Without a concrete way to verify attendance, the President of Brazil joined with the President of UMBRA to find a solution through technology.

Apollo Security Sales was brought in to produce a verification system that not only tracked and monitored attendance on an individual level, but also guaranteed that specific, security-cleared teachers were the first to enter classrooms and were also the last to leave.

With specialized card readers that have dedicated firmware installed and programmed specifically for UMBRA, Apollo Security Sales was able to help create a learning atmosphere at the University that put a spotlight on student accountability. Working overtime to complete the entire installation before students returned from break, the new system was waiting for faculty members, staff and students as they returned to campus at the start of a new semester. Teachers across the board reported that the system worked flawlessly and undoubtedly contributed to the increase in daily attendance, facilitating the academic principles that the school itself was founded upon.

Established in 1972, ULBRA is a private university located in Canoas, Brazil, a city about 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean and roughly 200 miles north of the Uruguay border. ULBRA has over 10 satellite campuses across Brazil.

Apollo Security Sales, an American manufacturer of high-tech security solutions based in Newport Beach, California, is no stranger to foreign or specialized security requirements. With high profile contracts with reputable clients in over 80 countries, Apollo Security Sales is the trusted security provider for Fortune 500 companies, military installations and government complexes. Apollo Security Sales also field tests 100 percent of its products before shipment in an effort to completely eliminate product malfunction. In a marketplace where the industry standard is to test between five and ten percent, Apollo Security Sales is setting itself apart as a dependable ally in the area of asset protection.


Apollo Security Sales can be contacted at:

3610 Birch Street

Newport Beach, CA 92660-2619

Telephone: 949-852-8178


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Apollo Security Sales Engineers New Check-In for Brazilian School

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