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Asus N73sl N73sw N73sn N73sq Battery Life Prong Tips

Asus N73sl N73sw N73sn N73sq Battery Life Prong Tips

Entérese de Asus N73sl N73sw N73sn N73sq Battery Life Prong Tips, en relación con Formación Profesional

FORMACIóN PROFESIONAL, Referencia a Asus N73sl N73sw N73sn N73sq Battery Life Prong Tips enfocada en nuestra sección de formación profesional para deleite de nuestros allegados.

Detection Method: restore what the default BIOS settings, turn off the protection, if the computer will not restart, can confirm the source of the fault.
Solution: Replace the CPU heat sink.
Board exploding capacitors to cause the computer automatically restart
Prolonged use of use ASUS N73SL Battery , some poor quality motherboard capacitor exploding. If it is a minor explosion pulp, the computer still can be used normally, but with the serious board of exploding capacitors, motherboards will become more stable, there restart failure.
Detection methods: the case flat, look on the motherboard capacitors, the top of the normal capacitor is completely flat, part of the capacitor will be a little concave; But after the capacitor explosion pulp is raised.
But if the battery is running out unexpectedly fast, or if your laptop is having trouble figuring out how much power it has left, you might be able to fix the 48wh ASUS N73SN Battery gas gauge, so it at least gives a more accurate reading.
If you suspect the battery cant tell if its charged or not, run it through a couple of cycles. Drain it of all its power (yes, this is the exception to the dont drain the battery rule mentioned above), recharge it to 100 percent, and then repeat.Battery Type:Li-ion Voltage:10.8V Capacity:48Wh / 6Cell Weight:352g Property: ASUS Original Battery Color: Black Compatible original Battery Code:A32-K72 A32-N71 Fit machine:ASUS N73 Series(All) ASUS N73F Series(All) ASUS N73SQ Battery ASUS N73G Series(All) ASUS N73J Series(All) ASUS N73JF Series(All) ASUS N73JG Series(All)ASUS N73JN Series(All) ASUS N73JQ Series(All) ASUS N73Q Series(All) ASUS N73S Series(All) ASUS N73SD Series(All) ASUS N73SL Series(All) ASUS N73SN Series(All) ASUS N73SQ Series(All) ASUS N73SV Series(All) ASUS N73SW Series(All) ASUS N73V Series(All)

But how do you drain the battery when Windows wont let you do just that? Dont bother with the settings described above. Theyre not safe (you might forget to change them back), they may not be getting an accurate reading, and they quite possibly wont let you set the critical Newest ASUS N73SW Battery level to 0 percent. (If they did, it would crash Windows.)

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Asus N73sl N73sw N73sn N73sq Battery Life Prong Tips

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