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Babys Got a Brand New Bag

Babys Got a Brand New Bag

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) January 24, 2006

According to Dr. Achala Ellapola, M.D. Board Certified Pediatrician affiliated with the Childrens Hospital in Dallas states, An alarming 100% of all diaper bags can carry harmful germs and bacteria, as E.coli and staph, which can potentially be passed onto your baby from dirty diapers, old bottles, or used wipes found in a diaper bag. Beca Bags, a Dallas based line of stylish diaper bags, introduces a new line of innovative antibacterial diaper bags, designed to resist illness-causing germs and bacteria from forming, allowing for a safer and healthier environment for both parents and babies.

According to the CDC, E.coli is the leading cause of bacterial diarrheal illness in the United States, affecting an estimated 2.4 million people every year, primarily in children less than 5 years old and accounting in 325,000 hospitalizations annually.

Beca Bags launched The “Original” Antibacterial Diaper Bag from their new “It” Collection in December 2005 aimed at providing new parents with a safer alternative to other diaper bags on the market. Our strategy is simple, we want to provide a better, safer and healthier environment for both parents and babies and do it in a stylish way, states Christi Beca, founder and designer of Beca Bags.

The patented technology allows the fabrics, when woven and pressed, to have antibacterial agents safely added, in turn, resisting germs and bacteria as the flu, staph, salmonella and E.coli from forming and last the lifetime of the bag. “From a medical standpoint, these fabrics will not make a media for germs to grow due to the treatment in the fabrics, therefore, inhibiting and resisting such growth, makes it a safer diaper bag, states Dr. Ellapola.

Their revolutionary new innovation sets them apart from their competition and has started a new fashion trend in America. With their chic Italian hardware and use of metallic fabrics to disguise the look of these diaper bags, even a Hollywood stylist took notice. Jayneoni, a well-known celebrity insider said, “I love these bags. It is so hard to find hip and stylish bags for new moms.” Ms. Beca goes on to explain, I created this line so women can feel a bit more stylish, even when their clothes or body may not, most importantly, we add a unique element: safety and peace of mind.”

Beca Bags are available at retail stores and online. The “Original” Antibacterial Diaper Bag is available in 11 stylish colors and retails for $ 195.

To schedule an interview or to request more information, please contact Christi Beca at 214-566-2196 or visit our website: http://www.becabags.com.


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Babys Got a Brand New Bag

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