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Catemaco Mexico – An Emerging Tourist Destination!

Catemaco Mexico – An Emerging Tourist Destination!

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Catemaco is one of the oldest cities in Veracruz and is among Mexico’s most visited cities. More and more tourists have decided to visit Catemaco because of its abundance of natural landscapes full of flora and fauna. The beauty of the city is defined by the mountains and Lake Catemaco that surrounds the region. Other attractions of the area are the ecological reserve of Los Tuxtlas, the city’s grand waterfalls and an amazing neighboring fishing town. If you believe in magic, Catemaco is the place to visit. In fact, some of the locals still believe in supernatural practices. Visit the city and experience the powers of white and black magic.

Your trip to Catemaco will definitely be full of fun and adventure. However, if you want to enjoy it completely without carrying any worries, you should obtain Mexican insurance before stepping into Mexico. You should buy Mexican auto insurance online to avoid any legal mess if you get into an auto accident. The flexibility of printing your Mexico car insurance immediately is the best part of obtaining insurance online.

Reserva Ecologica de Nanciyaga is the major attraction of Catemaco. The reserve is located in Los Tuxtlas. Once you step into the park, its refreshing feel will take all your stress away. While strolling around the park, you will find exuberant lush green landscapes all around. Wildlife lovers will have their share of interest while admiring different species of animals. Travelers from metropolitans love the park especially for its revitalizing natural mineral water bath. Get under the waterfall and enjoy a purifying Temascal bath in typical pre-Hispanic style. If youre feeling a little lethargic you can enjoy a sunbath or enjoy the relaxed and soothing ambience take a trip on kayak.

Are you interested in increasing your knowledge about ecology? Yes! You should visit the educational ecological park or Parque Ecologico Educativo. The park is known for existence of regional species of animals such as howling monkey and Catemaco crocodile, and an apt option to spend a day out at a soothing place full of nature of boons with restaurants, rooms and other amenities available. Catemaco is home to several mountain regions such as Selva del Marinero, Pena Hermosa, Los Clarines and Ampopal. For avid adventurers these mountain ranges have a lot to offer. Hiking, mountain climbing and camping are the major activities you can enjoy. You will also find species of turtles that are on the verge of extinction. Catemaco Mexico – an emerging tourist destination!

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Catemaco Mexico – An Emerging Tourist Destination!

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