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Check Out the Garmin 855t

Check Out the Garmin 855t

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The Garmin 855t is termed the “premium navigator” by its manufacturer.  The Garmin 855t’s many good features not only make driving easier but also make it safer because you can keep your hands on the wheel and keep your eyes on the road.

Of all the in-built security features on the 855t, the voice-activated navigation system and hands-free calling capabilities are also some of the most important features you will find on it.

The voice-activated system turns your spoken words into GPS’s commands. The speech recognition system allows you to drive hands free in an enjoyable fashion. All you have to do is attach the remote control onto your steering wheel, which is easy and fast to accomplish.

Other than wasting your precious time trying to enter a new address, now you can simply speak and –viola—it’s all displayed before your eyes. This hands free feature also makes it possible to find services around you. Once the services are found, the system gives the names and streets for the destinations and you can then follow the directions given.

The “lane assist” feature

This feature becomes handy if you are travelling in heavy multi-lane traffic. This Garmin 855t feature does not only provide turn-by-turn route directions but gives you all the details for the exact lane in which you are travelling and what lane you need to be in so you can make a turn.

The Garmin also helps you whenever you want to change lanes or make turns by showing road signs and junction alerts while driving on your route.

This is all displayed on a comfortable 4.3 inches wide screen

For the serious traveler

Although not really necessary of a GPS system, the MSM Direct package’s inclusion can be a lifesaver for any business traveler. It may not be able to tell you how exactly to get there but it will notify you of any obstacle that you may come across while on the way.

This is one feature that is not available on the Garmin 855, however, it can found for a limited time on the 855t model. MSM Direct will inform you of any traffic jams and also check your flight details. The real-time service allows you to view weather information, stock listings and news broadcasts both local and national.

The 855t model has the Bluetooth feature, which cannot be found in the 855.

How many times has this happened to you; you park your car and when you return later you are not sure where you parked it? Now with the Garmin 855t you can easily take it down from your windshield after you park and put the device into your pocket. When you get back, the GPS tells you exactly where to find your car. This is an excellent security feature especially when you have to find your parked car at night.

Whether you are looking for your first GPS system or you are already using this system, browse through the web before buying a Garmin 855t GPS system. In addition to knowing exactly what you are getting with this model, you will be able to go for the best price and thus saving you money for your next family trip.

Steve Boland is a reviewer of all types of electronic devices; and GPS systems in particular. For more great information visit Garmin nuvi 855. Here you can find buying tips and guidelines as well as a Garmin 855 Review.

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Check Out the Garmin 855t

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