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Curso Windows 7

In recent years they have gone through our various PC operating systems from Microsoft. Since Windows XP is still the number one to, Windows Vista, with its improved interface but with some problems of optimization of resources.

Windows has been successful with its latest operating system, is a fact. Only 5 months after its release reached 10% market share and acceptance is very positive sidendo

We acomentar some aspect of Windows 7 starting with the desktop and taskbar:
The Desktop is the area shown after the operating system is started. The whole screen appears where you can see all our tools and programs that use it, and the Task Bar, located at the bottom of the screen, in which we find the main buttons, menus and parts we use for a more optimized our operating system Windows 7.

On the desktop, include an icon that will be used often and will always be part of it. We refer not only to that which contains our most popular documents or your favorite music, or the direct access frequently used programs, but the Recycle Bin, a container where you placed all those files and folders that do not need.
Whenever you remove or delete any file, it will go inside. It should be noted that, like a conventional paper, this container can be filled, and it does not benefit at all to your PC for causing space problems. Let’s see how to display the trash when it contains discarded files inside.

The Windows Task Bar 7 we can see a number of options, shortcuts or buttons, that will help us make a faster, those activities that are more common in the use of our operating system, such as opening or close files, start programs, maintain the documents located in use, turn off the computer, get help from the system, etc.

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