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Granja Escuela Atalaya de Alcaraz (Albacete)

Granja Escuela Atalaya de Alcaraz (Albacete)

Entérese de Granja Escuela Atalaya De Alcaraz (Albacete), en relación con Escuelas

ESCUELAS, Referencia a Granja Escuela Atalaya de Alcaraz (Albacete) enfocada en nuestra sección de escuelas para deleite de nuestros usuarios.

Article by Diego

Center of vacations and rural tourism founded in 1988.
Antigua HOUSE – PALACE of three plants, with a surface of 1.600 square meters. He has 11 rooms, chimney, heating, 3 wide dining rooms, oven of fuelwood…
The estate, with one surfaces of 100.000 m2 located in full nature, is ideal for the education, playtime and conviviality, in the multiple activities that every day are realized in the field.

In her we teach to take care of the animals and to cultivate the land in harmony and union with the nature. Though also activities of hiking, bakery in oven of fuelwood, tirolina, climbed in roc

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