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How to Stop Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

How to Stop Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

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Article by Eduardo Lessseur

As an addict in recovery for the past 12 years, I will address on this particular subject through my experiences and interactions.

Trough this article I’m extending an open invitation by providing a way out to all the addicts out there that haven’t found a way YET to stop using/drinking and couldn’t maintain sobriety.

I’m not talking only about the youth, drug addiction is affecting all ages & genders among other modern emotional -based illness like obesity, stress (burn out syndrome), addiction to work etc…the list goes on and on as the experts dig deep in today’s emotional “modern society illness”

Addiction could be seen as a relief from hurtful emotions of the unwanted memories and failures at first, but rapidly turns into an never ending nightmare.

According to my personal experience and multiple opinions, every single addict has to take care first of the emotional root of the addiction. This is the hardest step to take and is a must to break away from addiction.

Our emotions made our lives unmanageable, due to an impediment to deal with feelings, people and /or situations. “Then we found the substances and certain types of behaviors in order to make ourselves belief that we are managing the situation by escaping from those emotions”.

That’s why drug addiction is an emotional condition attached to a chemical dependency. Is the leading predator of humanity in today’s world, and without a single doubt is messing up the future of the human race.

Forced, willing or guided to dig deep inside and stop blaming everything and everybody on the outside, physically every addict can fulfill phase 1 by simply stop using “is a decision that has to come from within”. Begin by stop using for 72 hrs in order to detoxify the body, as simple as that!.

The person will see that all the physical cravings gradually disappear and the mind starts clearing from the poisonous emotions: guilt, remorse, anger, blame, shame etc. and will be ready to begin face 2 by dealing directly with the real problem: the obsessive compulsive behavior along with a lack of commitment to change, simply because as crazy as it sound it’s easy to remain an addict than to take responsibility trough a strong and sustained commitment of 24 hours long every day, that is a renewable commitment every 24 hours.

Emotionally: we can start by not flowing from negativism by finding our anchors and virtues, leaving the old behavior behind by recognizing the insanity and not listening to “poor me” anymore, this could be obtained by finding a breach of peace in between our thoughts in meditation and also participating on a 12 steps program- 40 meetings in 40 days. The 40/40 sobriety commitment.
By now you have invested only 40 days on your recovery, the rest is a personal choice and you are responsible cause is your choice… your decision. If somebody force you to do it? It will not work.

If you’ll able to see that recovery is for the brave and the courageous, and you know that’s you!, you can begin by using this powerful tools

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Be Strong and Very Courageous
Joshua 1:1-11

About the Author

Eduardo Lesseur Alexandre Funder & CEO of THE FAT MELTING PROGRAM http://www.fatmeltingprogram.com / Centro de Ejercicios Pilatesystem con M

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