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Identifying the Three Types of Unique Learners

Identifying the Three Types of Unique Learners

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Virtual learning has come so far with all its learning technologies and pedagogical methodologies that maybe one important factor is being compromised: the connectivity to the students. It is a fact that there can be no substitute for a personal experience or “contact” lessons present in the conventional classroom. So, in the attempt to substitute such, online learning systems which still make use of lecturers on the other end of the line should identify what kind of learners they are handling.

Whatever elearning development tools a lecturer uses, it is always important to get to know what type of learners he has in his hands, and if his hands are enough to lead them. The type, kind and function of any of the elearning development tools to be used should also be proportionate to the type of learners they have in course.

It is always important to know the learners are more comfortable in learning so as to identify which strategy is best used in teaching. The different learners are:

Auditory Learners
As the above breaker suggests, the learners from this category mainly understand things through hearing and listening. The focus of their learning state is on the sharpness, volume, peculiarity and familiarity of the sounds they hear. Memory recall and retention are both very dependent on their ears to acquire information and so activities that are centered on discussions and talking are good information relays for them.

The e-course should focus on audiovisuals followed by discussions which encourage interaction.

Visual Learners
Learners of this type acquire the information through what they see.

They tend to be meticulous in the words and pictures -how they form shapes, what their sizes are the colors that are present and if there is anything particularly odd and out of place.

With these learners, written material should be the main course of their lessons. Activities with high amounts of visual effects will let them remember clearly what they learned. Exams, tests and assignments should be based on “fill in the blanks” of textual content since they mainly rely on their visual and spatial sense.

Kinesthetic Learner
These learners are practical students, the type that would often do well in sports and would either opt for the conventional learning than electronic learning. These learn through touch/experience/movement. Playing musical instruments are their man hobbies.

For kinesthetic learners who are undergoing electronic learning, the best way to teach them is to demonstrate through video how a notion or principle works. Giving real-life examples and life situations where they can apply their lessons will make them want to try it out for themselves. Hands on is also a must for them.  

Whatever type of person or group a lecturer handles, one must always consider the best way to teach the lesson. It would be good if the class being handled is a homogenous class of the same type however that is hardly ever the case. Learning styles will be the key to classes with different kinds of learners. The learning styles may also differ from one discussion to another so as to assist, test and balance the learning strengths and weaknesses of every learner.

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Identifying the Three Types of Unique Learners

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