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Illusi0n Mage

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The other patience game would be your personal investment in time to understand how their software functions and what its benefits and features are. Although its simplicity is its biggest selling pitch and even a novice can do it, one would still have to understand how to get the best results out of the simplicity of the application layout, no matter what level of animation experience you have.

This is the key to Illusion Mage. In fact it is the key to any software. If you know how to operate the “machine” the rest is easy.

It’s a fresh development just over 7 months, aiming at marketing at all ends of the market, whether you are a first time starter or expert in the field looking for quicker operational features. The simplicity is the selling point at the fact that you could be animating in less than two hours. This to me is a little unrealistic; it would make more sense to say once you understand the operations and function of the software then you could do animation in less than 2 hours, in actual fact in minutes.

Understand any software is the key. It is advisable to take your time understanding it before you dive straight into animation, remember it is 3D animation software they have developed, this is high tech stuff!! And of course due to the massive nature of the software and features it would be a good idea to decide what you would like to start with, for example, 3d modeling, gaming, cartoons, graphic design etc.

Another strong feature of Illusion Mage is the training facility available with step by step video training, manuals (200 pages) and on-line support; it would be something you would be foolish not to take advantage of immaterial of what level of experience you have, as this will boost your animation projects! “Monkey see, Monkey do”

They have also thrown in a cherry on the cake, 60 days to try it or get your money back, if you don’t figure it by then, you never will (unless it was just collecting dust)and it would be time to get your refund, remember we are all unique in our own thinking, it may not be your thing, on that note don’t abuse the kind loyalty gesture, if it works for you then so be it!

There are many 3D software animation software out there for download and some are free and on this point they have definitely simplified options with guidance, as there is nothing more annoying than downloading a 3D software application that is too difficult to operate and understand or simple with the limited functions, remember 3d animation is an investment.


This would be a very good place to start:

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Illusi0n Mage

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