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Online MBA worth it?

I talked the other day with an acquaintance, who is preparing to go to Barcelona to the MBA. For the 20 months of schooling, will pay 45 000 euros. Are not included in housing costs. Schooling you pay itself and pay her parents.
What interests me is, how many completed MBA values %u200B%u200Bin Croatian companies? As a person with an Online MBA in IT degree can expect in terms of wages and in terms of promotion?


Of course, not talking about senior management, which is additionally improved, but the young people who are just starting.


As the MBA, it’s not just all the same.
The concrete in the boat, was voted one of the best. Kill of a deal, but chances are you already mobilized in the first year. Awful lot of companies recruit people from there. Even if you take into account that the head of the MBA Universidad de Navarra, more so if you know that this is the headquarters of Opus Dei, and even if you know that Opus Dei is one of the world’s largest financial corporations, and even if you’re Catholic, definitely worth it ( they need the troops in large firms). There are a lot of one year executive MBA. If you want to go out and have a good place to put the best, but you have to choose a best school for them to recruit (there are 10 or so). STP is concerned Republic, you can quickly get to the salary> 10000 kuna (I’m talking about the minimum), so you see if it’s worth. In the long term, these titles remains a lifetime, not a sufficient factor for success, but almost certainly at the end of the return on investment.


What are you saying? That the Online MBA is not worth it if you think working in Croatia, or not at all worth it (even if you plan to go out to work)?


It is obvious that the MBA is not worth it if you want to do in Croatia! Distance learning MBA is for people who will work in some of the developed countries! But again I think most well-known managers are not successful in their jobs because of a course or for some faculty, but are successful because of their personality!


I agree your attitude about the distance learning mba and the work of Croatia. Just a little overreacting to the undermining of education in general.


just want to say that many graduates of management but are not successful, and managers …

so much!

Hello everyone


colleagues, is really? How is it possible to hear that someone can obezver%u0111ivati %u200B%u200Bknowledge on any level?

Croatian managers are more known for its exceptional soposobnostima for improvisation and working in impossible conditions, with respect to the level of knowledge that is available (very low). Ma … would turn to introduce a new system of values %u200B%u200Bthrough their work and knowledge!
So … Long live the one year executive MBA! Truth is not something special, but like everything in life is up to us to build ourselves as individuals and affects their actions, first to the people around him, and then on to a better environment and more.
It is a process. I is not for cowards who think their “little me” in such Hrvatkoj we do not need and let them go outside.

It will take maybe tens of years until stavr in the labor market does not fix but until then I’m working on that at least we have some standards of knowledge.
Just … you know … What worries me is that I work with a boss who has no idea about the job and I shall show for achieving perfect moment … I fly east. Strepljenje is my answer. What do you think?

Not everyone can have their company, and someone needs to build standards managerstva.

So much of me,

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one year executive MBA is one of the most prestigious degree.

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