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LG T310I Review

LG T310I Review

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LG, one of the most reputed home appliances companies in the world, has made ripples in the mobile sector also. One of the most popular mobile phone series from LG is the Cookie. Carrying its legacy forward, LG has launched its all new LG T310i mobile phone. A stylish, funky looking phone has many reliable features.

The look and design of the LG T310I is very trendy, appealing for youngsters. It appears swish in red and black combination. Furthermore, every element on the phone is well designed and well integrated. Buttons like calling, disconnecting, back and others look well designed and well placed according to the scheme of design. Since slot charging on the phone is well placed on the side, it can be easily tracked and utilized. Moreover, you can expand its memory up to 4 GB using the microSD card slot.

This LG mobile is blessed with a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen display having QVGA resolution and a cartoon UI. With this kind of display, you can enjoy excellent quality pictures and visuals which are quite sharp and colors are vibrant. Moreover, you can either use touch option or buttons to use the functions.

The phone is blessed with large range of applications such as opera mini browser (Mini 5.0), social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, the email client, and other regular apps like the calendar, stopwatch and task manager.

The LG cookie Wifi T310i is a full fledge mobile phone equipped with all the features expected from a high-end phone. For instance, apart from other applications and features, it has a decent 2MP digital camera that allows you to take nice pictures in case you are not carrying your camera. However, for clearer pictures, you will have to find another camera as it shoots pictures with low resolution. Nevertheless, the touchscreen is large and displays pictures with good resolution.

The multimedia features provided in this phone include Bluetooth, FM radio and music player. However, you cannot expect multi-tasking from this phone as it performs only one task at a time, for instance, if you are listening to a song and want to answer a message at the same time, you will have to shut the music player off first.

Furthermore, the phone has excellent add-ons such as handwriting recognizer, oxford dictionary among others. Since phone is equipped with applications like SNS(social networking sites), Ecomix, Google search, LG Zap Box, you can enjoy internet surfing conveniently.

One of the most popular LG mobiles, this phone is, though simple, a good buy for those who love to have all the features from multimedia, social networking and more.


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LG T310I Review

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