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N150 – Samsung N150 Netbook

The Samsung N150 netbook is a bargain computer.  With such a low price and high spec this great little computer will last you for years to come.

The prices start around £250 (but you can check the prices on this site called www.n150.co.uk). The N150 comes in different colours too, you can get it in black, blue, red, white and yellow and what’s more the cover is scratch resistant and finger print proof.

What’s the screen size?

The screen is 10.1 inches which is pretty good when you consider other netbooks usually start at around the 6 or 7 inch mark.  

Has there been any improvement on the screen for this model?

Yes, this screen is glare free to reduce eye strain.  You can view the bold colours and vibrancy from all angles with no problem.

What about wireless connectivity etc?

The N150 comes with the latest 802.11n technology so you can get the best out of your Internet connection.  This also makes data sharing easier.

What CPU does it have?

The CPU inside the Samsung N150 is the N450.  This runs at 1.6 GHz.

What about RAM?

The RAM inside is 1GB of DDR2.

What Operating System does it have?

You can choose between Windows 7 Starter edition and XP Home but I would recommend you stick to a the Windows 7.  It’s much better.

What else does it have?

It has a thin profile and is about the size of a piece of printer paper and weighs around the same as a bag of sugar.

The keyboard has been designed to prevent RSI and you can type happily on it for hours.

The N150 also comes equipped with a webcam.

Other features include USB 2.0, Bluetooth, SD Card slot and chargeable USB slot.

What is the Battery Life?

Samsung say that the N150 has a battery life of 10 hours, this is questionable and you are more likely to get around 6 or 7 – but when you think about it this is still pretty good.

Where can I buy this or read more?

If you are in the UK you can goto www.n150.co.uk

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