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Netbook Review – Samsung N120

Netbook Review – Samsung N120

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The very bright 10.1-inch Samsung N120 notebook is a cut above the rest in its class due to its many functions. However, the Samsung N120 notebook is considerably more expensive than the others. We will go into the details in this review and you can then decide whether it’s worth.

In 2007, Asus unveiled the new standards as the Eee PC netbook series on the market. The netbook is compact, light and loaded with all necessary functions. He’s the benchmark for other brands, who hoped for a winning combination for their own netbooks create.

Over the years the netbook market has evolved, leaving niches. As consumers’ needs change, the manufacturers are only too happy to stick with them. Netbooks are now able to work long hours and are capable of doing a multitude of tasks simultaneously. In fact there are now netbooks intended for the higher end consumer.

It is clear that a lot of thought was placed on the design and build for the N120. While other netbooks tend to have straight edges, the Samsung N120 is all about the curves. Samsung tastefully placed chrome on the sides of the notebook also.

Because the keyboard is near full size, is comfortable to use. The touchpad is remarkably responsive. The manufacturer claims it can be used non-stop for 10.5 hours. Our tests show that it can only manage seven hours – and that is no reason to complain about.

Regarding the 10.1-inch screen, we found that it is bright enough and is very sharp. This does not provide a good view at all angles. The small screen size, some experience difficulty in viewing some programs but of course, the prospective buyer must already know that.

The N120 comes with three speakers that make watching movies or listening to music a pleasure for the surround sound effect. It is also equipped with a card reader, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, 802.11b / g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

SPECS – The options (from Samsung’s website)

CPU – Intel Atom (TM) Processor N270 (1.6GHz)

RAM – 1 GB

Screen size – 10.1 inches

Operating system – Genuine Windows XP Home (SP3)

Battery life – up to 10.5 hours

Graphics – Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

We appreciate the lightness, the keyboard size and battery life of this notebook, which is contained in a nice convenient design. We especially like how the touchpad is responsive. It has an excellent build quality and start-up time is quick. The only thing we do not like so much about is money. We still think it’s too high priced for the features it offers.

The Samsung N120 looks great and performs well. The portability is due to its durability, low weight and battery life improved. Everyday tasks such as browsing and playing music or videos can be implemented without glitches. However, if you hope to do something more complex than that, it is better to choose another model.

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Netbook Review – Samsung N120

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