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New York City Apartment Hunting After Hurricane Sandy by Kelsey Uh

New York City, New York (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy might have gone away but it has left a trail of death, destruction and displacement. Thousands of residents of cities battered by the storm have to spend nights in temporary shelters as their homes have been completely destroyed or have been flooded after the storm. Many of the apartment buildings affected in New York City are off limits to the residents. The waiting period of return to their homes ranges from a few days to months. For the moment, most residents are looking for alternative apartments in New York City where they can stay while their apartments are being restored.

The situation on the ground level is serious as the crisis involves not just housing but food and business as well. The power situation at the moment is critical as only some areas have received power. With no mobiles and other means communication, residents of the New York City affected by the storm are finding it difficult to call for help. However, the bright spot of hope amidst all the confusion is that the government is working positively towards providing as much help as it can.

Buyer, Gilun Lee and his wife who came from Singapore to buy a luxury apartment in New York City to use as their second home for six months per year changed their mind not to buy after hurricane Sandy. SoHo, TriBeca and Chelsea that are their target search area lost power, TV and internet service for several days.

Downtown area including the Financial District and Battery Park City where buildings were flooded may need a few months to repair before allowing new tenants or owners to move in.

As the demand for alternative housing is on the rise post hurricane Sandy, real estate agents and buyers agents are working non-stop to find the best deals for their clients. The residents whose properties have been damaged or destroyed are looking to find what their insurance policies cover, while also searching for another place of shelter. House hunting in New York City is perhaps the primary task being carried out by the residents as of now since the dream of moving back into ones own apartment or house is a distant dream considering the level of damage caused by hurricane Sandy.

Private and federal appointed agents are working overtime to find properties that fulfill the requirements of the clients. The preferences cited by clients mainly include affordability and comfort. Affordability has become the major issue of finding an apartment in New York City as the demand for stable and secure houses has gone through the roof. Corresponding to the rising demand, the prices have shot up substantially making it difficult for residents of New York City to find a suitable apartment that fits their budget.

People looking for an apartment in New York City after hurricane Sandy are advised to go through the agents listings to find the relevant apartment that suits the budget. Other alternative methods can be house hunting on the internet or doing the research by one self. However, while the internet can be a good alternative, taking up the task of finding an apartment by oneself would require considerable energy and vigor as the task has become quite tedious since hurricane Sandy. The areas where power has not been restored are virtually cut off from the main land and the areas where power has been restored are looking at other problems such as looting, arson and theft. Therefore, the first route of taking professional help to find an apartment in New York City post hurricane Sandy is an ideal option.

New York City Apartment Hunting After Hurricane Sandy by Kelsey Uh

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