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Nokia N8 Touchscreen Review

Nokia N8 Touchscreen Review

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Coming in great shades of amazing silver, sparkling green, soothing blue, and juicy orange, you can also choose austere gray, as well. With its 12 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss optics, you will have an amazing camera in your hands, one that will transform your phone picture capturing experience. Taking pictures with a phone doesnt always work out the best, especially when you want high quality photos, but with this camera, you can get pretty decent pictures by snapping away when wanting to cherish some really special memories.

Whether you are a picnic or a park or at a wedding, you can have your Nokia N8 phone on hand to really capture the memories and save them forever. Also, you can shoot video with 720p high-definition video capture with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, and record your favorite memories with this phone, as well. Or, if you are just stumbling through town and you see something cool that takes you by surprise, this phone is the thing that can be whipped out to capture that candid moment, as well. Then, you can have great pictures that you can easily upload and share with friends and family.

You can upload them to your websites, or email them or text message them so people will instantly have some kind of visual mentioning of whatever you want to share. Also, no matter where you are, the Nokia N8 gives you access to local and global Web TV, so you can always be in tune with the world on a massive scale. Whether you want to watch the local news report about the fire you saw on your way home from work or if you want to know what is going on in Africa, you can easily tune into your phones stream and get the daily news easily. On your screen, with its clear image and high resolution, you will be able to view it all clearly, whether it is an article of text or a video.

Also, this phone which weighs 4.76 ounces and measures 4.47 x 2.32 x 0.51 inches, is highly helpful and useful, as it includes a GPS with free OVi Maps and voice guided directions. So if you are wandering in a new city for the first time and want to know how to get to a hotel or a restaurant this phone will provide you with the maps and navigation as well as all the directions that youll ever need. You can plug the thing into your own systems, too, and enjoy the streaming of your favorite music, too, coming loud and strong from the device. So take it for a ride in the car and listen to your favorite tunes or hook it up somewhere as you go for a picnic and then you can really enjoy the rip roaring sound quality of this device.

Messaging supports OVI Chat, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live, Gtalk and MySpace, and is a breeze with this phone as you can easily send email or text to friends and you can also update your status, share pictures, tell people where you are, show them photos as proof, and do a number of other daily and useful things all with one handy device that will be your one stop companion.

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Nokia N8 Touchscreen Review

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