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Overlearning psychology

Overlearning psychology is basically a pedagogical concept according to which newly acquired skills should be practiced well beyond the point of initial mastery, leading to automaticity. Overlearning psychology basically needs learning in which practice or repetition continues beyond the point required for adequate mastery of the task. Overlearning helps to keep things in our mind forever what we have learned. Overlearning psychology is when you’ve learned something so profoundly that you can’t set it aside easily. Overlearning psychology is described as to continue to study or practice after attaining proficiency.

Overlearning psychology which practice proceeds beyond the point where the act can just be performed with the required degree of excellence. It is continues process of learning beyond the level of skill needed. The practice of Overlearning psychology is now a day’s used by many schools that emphasize continued practice of mastered materials, and also by many students.

Advantages of overlearning psychology:

Engrams (Memory Traces)
Memory Trace
Brain-Width (Broadband)
Spacing of Repetition
Making it Easy
Accelerate Your Progress
Helps in the value of increasing student input to learning opportunity design issues was explored.

Overlearning psychology is basically a long-term memory and permanent knowledge. Now a days in schools and colleges the academic focus not only teaching the current material which is not taught, but also moving back to the taught material and revising it over and over again so it will retained in the minds of students.

Overlearning helps the students to keep their knowledge forever. Overlearning is very effective way of learning things. Overlearning psychology not only helps to learn things but also helps to understand the things. Overlearning psychology is a practice of things again and again. Retention is longer after overlearning compared with retention after practice only to the point of performance meeting the specified criterion.

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