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Samsung Mini N148 Mini Laptop

Samsung Mini N148 Mini Laptop

Tópico Samsung Mini N148 Mini Laptop

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Looking for a laptop, buddy? And that took a mini one! Well, did you care to go through Samsung laptops? No? Okay, not to worry, you still have enough time to do some more exploring before you finally pay make your choice. We are asking you to go through Samsung laptops because, it has been a kind of tradition for the potential buyers to just go through the laptops from highly acclaimed brands like dell, hp, HCL et al which is a good thing to do but that shall not be the only thing to be done. So, you better look in the laptops from Samsung, because Samsung, too, has a fine variety of laptops that perform as good as other laptops, if not better than them.

There is a long and full-fledged array of laptops from Samsung that varies as per the screen size, the processor integrated in it. The most inexpensive mini notebook from Samsung is Samsung mini N148 Plus and since it is the cheapest, talking about it is must. This Samsung mini laptop has been integrated with Intel® ATOM™ Processor N455 (1.66GHz, 667MHz, 512KB) as processor and 1GB (DDR3/1GB x 1) as system memory. The Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic) is added in it as the graphic processor. Plus the 10.2 inch screen makes it look nice too. The system has got power of HD (High Definition) Audio, SRS 3D Sound Effect, Mic Noise Suppression and integrated Web Camera.

Another Samsung Laptop that you can go through which is not costly either is N150 Plus. The laptop is powered with Intel® ATOM™ Processor N550 (1.50GHz, 667MHz, 2 x 512KB) and Intel NM10 Main Chipset has been added in it for better performance. The existence of Genuine Windows® 7 Starter makes the laptop perform even faster and in a more improved way. This system has got a 250GB (5,400rpm S-ATA) hard drive which avails the user with enough storage, speedier operation and smoother multi-tasking. The laptop has got some amazing applications like Bluetooth v.3.0 High Speed, 802.11bgn* wireless and 3G modem (HSPA* and WiMAX*), Samsung Recovery Solution and international warranty service. The laptops prices in India hugely depend on the brand that we are choosing and on the product of the brand that we are picking up. For the quality of the product, you better go through it specifications, features and reviews so that, you make the right choice. You can also check Samsung Mini N148 price online.

Vinnit Alex is an eminent author who provides concrete information about computing devices like computers laptops, mini laptops and computer accessories, only after using them and examining them thoroughly. Dell mini laptop, Samsung mini Laptop and sony mini laptop are some of the devices.

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Samsung Mini N148 Mini Laptop

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