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Samsung N110 Trial Experience

Samsung N110 Trial Experience

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Samsung N120 details in the design and the early products NC10 adding many new designs, then this Samsung N110 is a continuation of the NC10 more classic design, so that we can see that the essence of Samsung Design

In the hardware configuration, the Samsung N110 with the previous generation of NC10 and there was no significant difference compared to only look at the details done some improvements. Careful users may find that in the mold design Samsung N110 with N120 compared to the previous number of slightly smaller, with black transfer-based shell, in a more compact visual experience. N110 compared with N120 eliminated in the design of woofer design, superior audio to give up life at the same time its ability to perform better.

NC10 Samsung N110 compared with the body shell even though the use of a common engineering materials, but in the case of the grinding and processing on a lot see a lot of thought, body and delicate touch make love at hand. All-black body, the design by adding a mirror of the entire body bright compact. Samsung N110 canceled prior to the decorative side of the metal polishing article, replaced by a more rounded design of the corner and switch to be a decorative edge of the small red box, and black against the background of a very elegant frame, the machine play a role in decorating.

And N120 different, N110 screen interface with the fuselage design of the return of the classic comma shaft design, this design is believed to be from the early ultra-portable notebook Q40, add a little to the whole active element. The use of sinking shaft design, the largest open angle of about 145 degrees, in the practical application of its damping effect is good.

Samsung N110 interface has been extended based on the principle of simple and practical, provides a set of audio input and output, three USB 2.0, an RJ-45 Ethernet and a D-Sub port, consumers can meet the basic needs of normal use . In addition this NetBook PC in front of the fuselage is also equipped with an SD card reader, user-friendly external, storage, digital image data. Distribution from the interface-like view, commonly used in intensive interface cable are designed on both sides of the fuselage, and the more generous distribution.

Samsung recently introduced with the Internet than the N110 in the configuration it does not surprise too many places, but life in product design, as well as the capacity is further improved. As for the N110 more we want to say is that the structure of the machine design, such as the delicate work, flanger human design, as well as the large keyboard, etc., we find that the product quality and content of the host.


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Samsung N110 Trial Experience

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