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Samsung N120 Review

Samsung N120 Review

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The Samsung N120 could possibly be the company’s newest entry in to the 10-inch netbook market. The N120 has standard netbook specifications but sets by itself apart with an eye-catching design, brightness weight, and lengthy battery life.

Our N120 is light all much more than and is also created of powerful plastic material that carries a high-quality feel. All from the N120’s surfaces using the exception from the screen,lid hinges, and facet trim possess a matte surface area finding a slight texture. The N120 feels great to hold; I often found out myself getting it from space to room.

The keyboard is quite cozy for touch-typing, many thanks to its full-width keys. The layout is quite beneficial overall, finding a few minor oddities: The space bar is slightly truncated to create space for the tilde key, which could be dropped to its left, along using your house windows logo important sits concerning a great facet from the space bar. The Synaptics touch pad is genuinely a little small, but you can compensate for its sizing by knowing methods to take advantage of its electronic scrolling and pinch-gesture features. just one rocker key below the pad allows one to press concerning the left or even the right; it’s cozy to use, but we favor unique left and perfect buttons.

The speakers on possibly facet from the display hold out in conjunction finding a tiny subwoofer to create great audiofor a netbook. in comparison using the wimpy speakers found out on most netbooks, the N120 provides substantially much better clarity and volume. Don’t look on the N120 a alternative for the boom box, however: The audio tracks lacks the depth and richness you have with outside speakers, along using the total amount isn’t desk-shaking. Still, for hearing to audio tracks or viewing films concerning the road, the N120 provides a substantially much better information than standard netbooks do.

The N120 carries a 10.1-inch widescreen show (16:9 element ratio) finding a 1024×600 resolution and LED backlighting. Contrast and brightness are excellent; this really is without the need of doubt a quite picture. I have observed much better color depth, however the N120s show is not something I would complain about. The LEDs lighting the show provide an even brightness distribution. The N120 has eight ranges of brightness; I found out all of them getting usable, with 5 or 6 getting one of the most cozy and three getting a superb battery setting.

Overall, the N120 is among the most-comfortable, least-compromising 10-inch netbooks we’ve examined so far. Its full-size keyboard is genuinely a satisfaction to type on, its great audio tracks could allow it to be an great source of hotel-room entertainment, and its stellar battery lifestyle shows you can obtain a massive amount of use from it concerning the go.

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Samsung N120 Review

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