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Santiago De Compostela

What one should know about Santiago de Compostela

Tourists from all over the world come to Spain to visit Madrid and Barcelona, to see the bullfighting, or to watch the passionate flamenco dancers, but Spain has a lot more to offer than this. Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Galician province and it is famous for being the end of the route that constitutes the Way of Saint James, which is a pilgrimage that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Santiago de Compostela shouldn’t be visited just for this. Santiago de Compostela is also known as the Camino; thousands of tourists set out on foot, some use bikes, others horse ride, but the final goal of all of them is the Cathedral in Santiago. This makes Santiago de Compostela one of the most sacred cities, well known by Christians from all over the world. Being the final destination in this road that blends spirituality with adventure, Santiago de Compostela has become one of the most visited cities in Spain. The Cathedral is the main attraction of the city: its majestic façade makes

it outstanding. Apart from the Cathedral, the city has a lot more attraction. The historical centre, just like the centre of Salamanca, has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The streets and the squares host granite buildings that bring together centuries of history. Don’t miss the Santiago de Compostela Museum, the Museum of the Galician People, and the Galician Art Centre.

An active city

Santiago de Compostela is set in a very picturesque region. Surrounded by mountains and a valley, “green” is the word that best describes the city. Once you are done sightseeing, go visit the parks and the gardens; explore Alameda Park, the oak wood in Santa Susana, and the Belvis Park.

For those who are very active individuals, a range of activities is at your disposal: water sports, adventure sports, and fishing. All of these are available in Santiago de Compostela. One can go kayaking or rafting, even scuba diving. For those who enjoy fishing, the rivers near Santiago de Compostela are rich in trout and salmon.


If you decide to go to Santiago de Compostela, choose a villa instead of a hotel. It is private, the owners can cook for you so you have the chance to taste the traditional dishes, and it is very comfortable. Choose a renovated historical house; you can find them in the Old Town, so you will be in the heart of the city.

If you are planning for family vacations, staying at villas may be a great option villas to rent in spain, villa lloret and villa benissa are few of best options.

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