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Santiago De Compostela

Places to visit

The most visited places in Santiago are located in the old town center, composed of medieval squares and streets. The historic center is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the center of the old town we can find the Prazsa do Obradoiro, an amazing square and also one of the biggest in Spain. On the plaza we can find the Paxo de Raxoi, the Hostal Reis Catolicos (a medieval hospital), the Obradoiro faade of the Cathedral (structure from around 1075), and the Colegio de San Xerome (15th century structure which is now a university building).

On the opposite side of the Cathedral you can find the Praza de Quintana, one of the most visited squares. The Praza de Quintana was built over a cemetery and has a connection with other impressive buildings, or building remains, such as the Casa de Longa wall.

To learn more about the old town center you can head over to the visitor office located at the Rua do Vilar and pick up some reading material. The Santiago de Compostela (28 page guide) is perfect. You can also learn more from the free map of the city by El Corte Ingles, available in every hotel as well as in most tourist places.

Other places of interest

The Santiago de Compostela is an amazing region, but you will not go wrong if you decide to head in another direction and visit the countryside.

We rocommed a drive to the Pazo de Oca, 25 km away (16 miles), if you own a vehicle. The Pazo de Oca si a small palace featuring amazing gardens. The locals call them the Galican Versailles. You could also visit another place called the Pazo Santa Cruz de Rivadulla, featuring amazing gardens as well, but they are of a more natural appearance.

Check out the Santiago de Compostela free guide, offered by Turgalicia, for more tourist locations and excurions. It has a whole section dedicated to the outsides.

Guided day excursions

Guided day excursions can be booked with some days in advance. You can pay in British pounds, euros, Australian dollars, and United States dollars. We reccomend Viator. Viator offers amazing all day excursions starting at Santiago de Compostela. You can check out more excurision possibilities on the internet. Just head over at google and search for Sightseeing Tours, click on a few pages and look for what you want to visit.

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