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You?Your Business?and Virtual Offices

by Fundación Karisma Colombia First impression is the last impression. Thought this may not be 100 per cent true, creating a positive first impression is very important, especially when you are running your own business. Today technology has become so advanced, so developed that one can work from anywhere. All …

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Nokia N-Series – Best N Series Mobile Phones

by PresidenciaGVA latest Nokia mobile phones have been praised word wide and created huge buzz in the changing world of mobile business. Mobile phones like this are very sophisticated and elegant. Since the beginning of the N-terminal first series, Nokia has completed various high tech gadgets in this league. The …

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Nokia n9- Smartest One In The N Series

by PresidenciaGVA Nokia is a leader in the modern era of mobile phones. It has proved its worth in the competition by manufacturing its fine collection of phones. Nokia has made its mark by delivering quality gadgets with reasonable prices. It has been so reasonable that every other common man …

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When N years later

by PresidenciaGVA When N years later, the market economy tends to improve and mature, the community has a high degree of realization of people-oriented, these pioneers will enjoy the price it paid, but that time they are not very old man, is already out of the history of stage. So, …

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Mexicali, A City under the Sun

by palazio Are you looking for the perfect escape from these harsh winters? Look no further because you can find it in the metropolitan border city of Mexicali; but, don’t just imagine it, take a look for yourself at http://www.patawalk.com Due to its ideal farming land, Mexicali attracted various indigenous …

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Don’t Forget PPC

by Sala Metropolis Cordoba Building traffic is one of the most important challenges an internet entrepreneur faces. Using the big toolbox of Web 2.0 technology, web marketers have a wide range of options when promoting their websites and blogs. But one often overlooked technique is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. One reason that …

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