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Samsung N110 Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in Formación Profesional | Posted on 17-12-2015


Samsung N110 Review

Tema Samsung N110 Review

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The Samsung N110 may be considered a 10-inch netbook providing an Intel Atom N270 processor and long-lasting six-cell battery with statements of as an ideal offer as 8.5 several hours of battery life. The glossy dark lid, red-colored trim, and tiny profile pattern operates for college students or institution specialists … a little something that can’t be mentioned about all computers. on this evaluation we make an effort to duplicate Samsung’s lofty 8.5 hour battery claim, and see how properly it performs when in comparison with other netbooks.

Samsung has made an fascinating choice to change from the matte display near to the NC10 in the direction of glossy element belonging in the direction of force. It doesn’t subject all that much: The 10.1-inch, 1024-by-600-pixel panel operates reasonably in all sorts of lighting conditions. What’s notable is that, within a side-by-side comparison, the glossy carry out didn’t genuinely make the display near to the N110 pop that an ideal offer more–but it do introduce a tad of glare. I’d almost choose sticking using the matte display belonging in the direction of NC10.

Thank goodness Samsung has addressed the troublesome touchpad buttons of its more mature netbook. On that products you need to push the key affordable below the surface area so that you just can the actions to register. getting a result, in the event you press the left element belonging in the direction of single-button bar, the proper element belonging in the direction of bar juts up. near to the N110, the institution has repaired the problems swiftly and very easily by altering the molding near to the casing. Even although the dimensions haven’t transformed from those people belonging in the direction of NC10 (10.3 by 7.3 by 1.5 inches), the N110 feels merely a tiny extra slender. And because Samsung created this mouse button key in to the curved bottom, it hits the arms extra naturally. normally it appears extra secure.

The LED-backlit glossy display near to the Samsung N110 is slightly above average, but appears to not have very saturated colours like some belonging in the direction of other netbook panels. Reds, specifically, stood out as getting somewhat muted, precisely where glossy netbook screens appear to whatsoever instances be wealthy and vibrant. Pure dark also seemed for getting washed out, appearing extra as dim grey at increased backlit levels. outside of coloring saturation issues the display looked quite good.

The keyboard near to the Samsung N110 was relaxing to type on, but nevertheless not as amazing as other options near to the market. Samsung stuck owning a condensed keyboard pattern that feels sort of cramped, precisely where other netbooks such as the HP Mini or ASUS Eee PC SeaShell give the impression that you just are typing on the bigger notebook.

Offering an enhanced mouse button key and amazing battery life, the Samsung N110 would create a terrific option for the up coming street trip. At $ 470, it isn’t by any suggests the cheapest netbook near to the block, however it certainly may be considered a handsome, useful one. even although I salute Samsung for correcting pattern flaws present from the NC10, I’d have favored to determine this the 1st time around.


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Samsung N110 Review

Para nosotros es muy importante conocer las experiencias y espectativas respecto a las temáticas que publican las distintas personas a través de nuestro listado de educación, y es por eso que agradeceríamos mucho el que nos compartieras cualquier aspecto relacionado con las categorías sugeridas, en este caso con formación profesional.

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On the internet Nursing Degrees – How a Nursing Degree Opens Up Your Position Choices

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On the internet Nursing Degrees – How a Nursing Degree Opens Up Your Position Choices

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Article by Tommy Vegat

As a subject of simple fact, the RN to MSN courses are amid some of the most well-known that are readily available. By taking the existing school credits that you may possibly already have and applying them to the advancement in your education, they can support you to realize your master’s in a shorter interval of time.One more thing that you may possibly want to think about is shopping at some of the vocational colleges that are offered, these types of as the on the web LPN colleges or certainly even a nursing college in your neighborhood place. It is not usually going to be important for you to acquire online nursing courses in order to be a registered nurse, as there are loads of job possibilities that are out there for LPN’s as properly. Heading to a single of these vocational on line nursing schools can be a great guidance to your advancing your nursing vocation and it can be a stepping stone to eventually heading to a RN college, both on the net or off-line.A person thing is particular, for people of us that operate in the nursing profession, the online nursing university is definitely going to be the only possibility that we have of advancing our education for the very long-expression. On the net nursing courses are inclined to be quite versatile and they are tailored for all those of us that work the prolonged hrs vital in purchase to be a registered nurse. By advancing our training, we have the potential to advance in our existing work or to move into a new task that will be improved suited to the capabilities that we have.It is often the misconception that attaining a specialized diploma is tricky that holds back again most people today from pursuing a specialist target. The arrival of the Internet assists attaining a professional degree even at the comfort of one’s residence. On the net courses are being additional frequent at current. Now, folks can get valuable education without having going to college 5 instances a week. Distance studying via the world wide web features exceptional chance to grow to be a registered nurse while at the exact same time functioning maximum-time, residing in a remote location, or even raising a family. Nursing courses online are being made available by quite a few perfectly-highly regarded nursing institutes in the region.Element of the on line nursing courses is giving firsthand awareness to the college students. This is attained by letting college students to get clinical expertise by attending a ordinary nursing school in some portions of the course. Most of the non-lab programs nevertheless, can be taken at home. One of the small downs for on the web nursing courses is that, some courses have to be completed in a required period of time. Other than that, most courses can be taken at one’s leisure time.There is an acute need for nurses in the US alone. As of 2004, The Nationwide Sample Survey of Registered Nurses reported that this trend is heading up in spite of the fact that an regular nurse enjoys just about $ 70,000 yearly. Just after passing the state board examination, a registered nurse will have no difficulty finding a work. Money may range based on one’s spot and employer.There are several varieties of programs an individual can get by way of on-line schooling. One particular of these is to grow to be a Licensed Sensible Nurse (LPN). Nursing course online can be used in one yr. A college student desires to examine affected individual treatment, physiology and anatomy, and then pass the state board exam to grow to be totally capable. Dependent on the state, LPNs could be required to go to continuing training and to renew their license periodically. A further good selection is to develop into a Registered Nurse (RN). A single is regarded as an RN immediately after attending a four-year bachelor’s diploma. The responsibilities involve immediately taking treatment of patients, supervising LPNs and producing selections for affected person care. RNs have wider position alternatives like doing work in schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices, private companies, blood banks, amid other professional medical associated settings. Nursing right now, additional than at any other time, is tailored to what the nurse would like and requirements to succeed. For nurses that want to study longer and much more deeply than the ordinary courses of study (Certificate, Associates and Bachelor) there are several solutions springing up all through the location.To complete on the internet nursing applications it is critical that you have maximum entry to a computer and the net. Though it may perhaps be tempting to use a friend’s computer or a public laptop or computer, it could be a lousy alternative if it leads to you to skip course function mainly because you had been unable to use it at a specified time.Time management is a key essential to your success as an on the web university student. You ought to be self motivated in get to full program function on time, you must be disciplined and work on your classes day-to-day alternatively of waiting till a weekend and cramming in a weeks worth of classes when you need to have far more time to absorb the info.

About the Author

Currently works for general mills developing tasty recipes for foods. While studying nutrition started working with a financial company but quickly decided he prefered nutrition again. diplomados en linea

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Currently works for general mills developing tasty recipes for foods. While studying nutrition started working with a financial company but quickly decided he prefered nutrition again. diplomados en linea

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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On the internet Nursing Degrees – How a Nursing Degree Opens Up Your Position Choices

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Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center Hosts Free Palliative Care Workshop

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Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center Hosts Free Palliative Care Workshop

Tópico Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center Hosts Free Palliative Care Workshop

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Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Avenidas Villages, a leading provider of Senior In-Home Care, recently announced that it will be hosting its last workshop of the year. The free workshop will be on the topic of Palliative Care and will feature guest speakers, Dr. Ellen Melnick, Medical Director of Pathways Hospice and Palliative Care and Margaret Putnam-Pite, MSW and Karen Gossage, NP of Palliative Care & Support Services at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. The Palliative Care workshop will be held on Tuesday evening, December 4, 2012 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

“Palliative care is medical care provided by physicians, nurses and social workers that specializes in the relief of the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness,” explained Lisa Hendrickson, CEO of Avenidas. “With a focus on quality of life and a holistic approach, palliative care helps patients and families through serious illnesses.”

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to find resources for caregivers, enjoy light refreshments, listen to experts and connect with others in similar circumstances. There is plenty of free parking, and optional tours of the Center. If needed, families can have their aging loved ones supervised on-site for free by Avenidas’ professional staff that evening so that they can attend the workshop. Caregivers simply call (650) 289-5499 to RSVP with 48 hours-notice so this service can be arranged.

Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center has been in operation since 1976 and is licensed to offer two levels of daytime care in one convenient place. The center provides a warm and nurturing environment in a custom-built facility. The Center provides support to people with Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons, stroke, chronic conditions, physical limitations and those at risk for falls or who can’t be left alone. Participants enjoy a safe, secure environment, stimulating activities, group exercise, socialization, nutritious noon meal and transportation to and from the Center. For more information and to register for the Palliative Care workshop, call (650) 289-5435 or visit http://www.avenidas.org.

About the company:

Avenidas is a non-profit agency that seeks to create successful aging for older adults in a community that supports and celebrates older adults. They provide a wide range of support options, memberships, information, classes and services that enable people to stay active, maintain their independence, help their aging parents, or care for a spouse. Their innovative programs and compassionate staff (paid and volunteer) help enrich the lives of more than 6,500 mature adults and their families each year.

A community-based nonprofit organization, Avenidas serves the San Francisco Bay Area mid-Peninsula communities of Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside, and Mountain View. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.avenidas.org/.

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Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center Hosts Free Palliative Care Workshop

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Blank T Shirts

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Blank T Shirts

Tema Blank T Shirts

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Blank t shirts are pretty exhausting to find until you buy an entire pack of them. I like the witty sayings and attractive designs discovered on most of these kinds of shirts however sometimes I just need a clean t shirt. This could pose a shopping challenge. However, I discovered a few places to look.

I used to be pleasantly shocked to seek out clean t shirts at my local arts and crafts store. These tops have been remarkably low-cost however they have been of comparatively good quality. I wouldn trust that these tops would endure a decade of abuse but they would truthful well under regular circumstances. The beauty of the whole thing was the clean t shirts had been on sale.

The tops got here in an array of colors starting from vibrant neon to tender pastels. The entire blank t shirts were displayed in the very front of the shop with an enormous signal that boasted a meager worth tag. The worth was so low that even small children shook their heads and mentioned that it couldn be right.

The good news was that it was right. The blank t shirts have been being offered below an indication that stated, wo for a Dollar.?I kept staring at the register disbelief then I decided to ask the clerk if the signal was correct. She said that nobody was shopping for them and they’re simply reducing their losses.

I couldn really understand why this attire wouldn promote when these sorts of tops have been so arduous to find. Many people look for clean t shirts so they can use fabric paint to create their own designs. There are additionally a lot of kits accessible that folks can use for the designs. The scarcity of blank t shirts would make such initiatives practically impossible.

After speaking to the clerk, I made a decision to go shopping. I purchased a countless number of clean t shirts in each coloration imaginable. I nonetheless have a pretty nice collection of them. The wonderful thing about the attire is that they make nice gifts when I am in a pinch.

Personalised presents are always appreciated. Many people love getting handcrafted gadgets that take time and thought to create. I have used my assortment of clean t shirts for birthdays and holidays on plenty of occasions. I additionally use them each time I wish to involve my daughter in artwork projects. Nothing is cuter than a childd foot prints on a shirt.

Come with me:
Wood Garage Doors
Ergonomic Computer Desks Chairs
Office Computer Desk Furnitures

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Blank T Shirts

Para nosotros es supremamente importante conocer las experiencias y espectativas respecto a las problemáticas que publican las distintas personas a través de nuestro servicio de educación, y es por eso que agradeceríamos mucho el que nos compartieras cualquier aspecto relacionado con las categorías sugeridas, en este caso con carreras técnicas.

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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

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Question by PINK: ¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?
Hola necesito cualquier informacion relacionada con venezuela durante los ultimos 15 años de fuentes originales y con sus links o pagina de acceso, tambien puede abarcar estas areas: petroqumica petroleo gas alimentos agroindustria automotriz informatica salud infraestructura medio de transporte educacion telecomunicaciones sistema vial entre otras. toda la informacion tiene que ser de fuentes originales escritas en ingles. por 10 puntos

Best answer:

Answer by //sara mm//
Analysis by vulnerable groups
Infant population (under 1 year of age): Between 1940 and 2002, infant mortality rate fell from 123 to 18.6 per 1,000 live newborns; the mortality was reduced in 85%. The speed of the fall is higher in the post-neonatal component than in the neonatal one. In 2002, the most significant causes of death were certain conditions originated in the neonatal period (55.7%), congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (16.4%), and they are followed by certain infectious and parasitic diseases (11.3%), respiratory system diseases (5.3%) and external causes with a morbidity and mortality of 4.3%. Between 1990 and 2000, mortality due to diarrheic diseases in children under 5 years of age fell 80% (from 215.7 per 100,000 live newborns to 42.1), and the mortality due to acute respiratory infections fell 36%. In 2000 and in relation to morbidity, diarrheic and respiratory diseases occupied the first places. Low birth weight in 2000 was reported in 12% in the most important obstetric wards in the country.

Women in reproductive age (15-49 years): Maternal mortality rate diminished from 172 per 100,000 live newborns in 1940 to 68 in 2002. In 2002 in Venezuela 335 maternal deaths were registered, this means that every day occurred a maternal death. The most significant causes of maternal death were edema, proteinuria and hypertensive disorders (34%); other obstetrical disorders non classified in another part (17%), obstetrical complications related to labor and delivery (13%); obstetrical complications related to puerperium (13%) and pregnancy ending in abortion (11%). In some states almost 30% of these deaths occurred in women under 20 years. Considering that more than 95% of childbirths are physician-attended, most of these deaths are preventable improving the quality of health care. Studies carried out in 2000 showed that 16.5% of women in reproductive age suffered anemia and that this percentage rose to 22% in the poorest population. The coverage of prenatal care in 1997 was 25.5% and it is currently about 50%. The total fertility rate in 2002 was 2.1 children per woman.

Adolescents (10-24 years): In 2003, the adolescent population was 33% of the total Venezuelan population. In 1998, seven out of ten adolescents lived in a poor household; almost 40% of adolescent population between 15-17 years of age were excluded from the regular educative system. The average age for male premarital intercourse is 14 years, and in women is 15, usually with older sexual partners and without protection. The fertility rate among adolescent women between 15-19 years of age has diminished in the last ten years from 97 to 87 live newborns per 1,000 women, though; its contribution to the total fertility has risen. In 2002, the main causes of morbidity among adolescents were concentrated in psycho-social and family problems, like family dysfunction, depression, poor school performance, suicidal behavior, alcoholism and use of illegal drugs, and intra-family violence. Among the first causes of death are the accidents, violence, suicide and homicide; death causes related to motherhood are in 7th place.

Elders (above 60 years): In 2002, the population above 60 years of was 6.5% of total population (46%, men and 54%, women). It can be expected that this population will grow three-fold in the next 25 years. In the same year, the main causes of mortality were heart diseases (32%), cancer (18%), cerebrovascular diseases (12%) and diabetes (8%). The risk of dying of these causes is higher in men than in women, but in diabetes. The main causes of morbidity are blood hypertension, followed by flu-like syndrome, diabetes, urinary infections and rheumatoid arthritis.

Indigenous population: According to the last Indigenous Census (1992), there were 371,815 indigenous inhabitants (1.5% of total population). This population was integrated by 38 ethnic groups: Wayu (54.5%), Warao (7.6%), Pemón (6%), Añú (5.5%), Yanomami (4.7%), Guajibo (3.6% and Piaroa (3.6%). These groups represent 84.4% of the total indigenous population. (3,6%). The states where indigenous population is concentrated are Zulia (62.4%), Amazonas (14%), Bolívar (11%) and Delta Amacuro (6.6%). In 1992, more than 50% of those communities did not have drinking water, nor sanitary excreta disposal means and 65% did not have a school. According to partial data of investigations done in determined ethnic groups, the main causes of morbidity are TB, malaria, parasitic diseases, malnutrition, diarrheic and respiratory diseases.

Handicapped population: It is estimated that 10% of the total Venezuelan population suffers some kind disability, dysfunction o incapacity.

Analysis by type of disease or damage

Malaria: In 2003, 31,719 cases were diagnosed; 31,186 were originated in the country and 533 were imported. This represents a 26% increase in the disease transmission in relation with the expected level. 97.8% of all cases ha

Give your answer to this question below!

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¿Donde puedo conceguir articulos o periódicos en ingles relacionados con venezuela por el internet?

Para nosotros es casi que imperativo conocer las experiencias y espectativas respecto a las noticias que publican las distintas personas a través de nuestro listado de educación, y es por eso que agradeceríamos mucho el que nos compartieras cualquier aspecto relacionado con las categorías sugeridas, en este caso con educación it.

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Blogging Tips – 5 Blogging Tips to Build Your Internet Business Blog the Right Way

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Blogging Tips – 5 Blogging Tips to Build Your Internet Business Blog the Right Way

Lea sobre Blogging Tips – 5 Blogging Tips To Build Your Internet Business Blog The Right Way, en relación con Docencia

DOCENCIA, Referencia a Blogging Tips – 5 Blogging Tips to Build Your Internet Business Blog the Right Way analizada en la sección de docencia para deleite de nuestros visitantes.

Article by Neil Ashworth

I’ve been building a business online for several months now and one of the best ways to create interest in your business is to provide information about it for others who might be reviewing or researching your company (in my case, Carbon Copy Pro). But what’s the best way to provide that information? Well, this article will look at blogging tips and techniques to help you build your business online, so sit back and get ready to discover five steps to successful blogging.

1 Getting Started – Blogging platforms.

There are a variety of different free blogging sites available to get you started at no cost with your own website. Here is a short list;


If you have little or no money to get started building your business online, these are all adequate and you can build an audience across the various social networking sites using these free blogging platforms by adding your blog address to your profile page. However, if you want any real marketing power and you want to get found online when people search Google, MSN or Yahoo for information on your company, product or service, you will need to go with a self hosted blog and WordPress is the easiest to operate.

Installing WordPress is a lot easier these days than it used to be with several hosting providers offering a one click install from your admin panel (sounds confusing at first glance but believe me it isn’t and sites like Bluehost.com offer video tutorials to take you through this step).

The advantage of a self hosting blog is search engine optimization, although don’t be fooled; a well constructed, SEO optimized, keyword targeted blogger blog can get you onto the front page of Google as fast as a self hosted blog if not faster. Perhaps both options are worth your time and investment to grow your online business the right way?

2. What To Do Once You’re Inside – Blogging plug-ins to help you make your mark

Once you have your WordPress site set up you will want to install a few plug-ins to help you manage the site and prevent unwanted visitors spamming your posts. Here is my list of top plugins to get you started;

SEO Smart Links – allows you to pre-configure the blog so that posts with specific words in them will automatically link to a url of your choice. This allows you to link a set of words like “online business opportunity” to your own website landing page as the post is added into your blog.

In addition, this plug-in allows you to link back to your own posts within the blog which is equally important in the eyes of Google. Internal linking and building good backlinks, coupled with unique site content, is the key to great search positioning over time. Set your blog up the right way to begin with and this will make life a lot easier.

Google xml sitemaps – make it easy for Google to navigate your site and they will come back for more, as simple as that. This plug-in automatically updates your site map and keeps things in good order without you having to worry about it. A must!

Askimet – the king (or queen) of spam capture. You will need to register with WordPress (its free) to activate this plug-in and once set you can leave it to do its duty, blocking spammers and keeping your site looking and feeling the way you want it to.

All In One SEO Pack – an updated version is now available for this plug-in and if you haven’t seen this one its time you did. All in One SEO pack will provide all you need to rank well in search. It takes a little bit of work to get it into shape but once done you will not look back.

Sexy Bookmarks – Don’t worry! This is far less risky than it seems. If you write something worth reading you want people to share it and this is the best social share plug-in available, hands down. Set this up to show at the end of all your posts to give people the option to share your great content!

Broken Link Checker – This one does what it says on the tin, as the saying goes. It sits in your admin area and monitors your blog posts to see if you have any broken links within any of the posts and if you do, it notifies you from within the admin area of your WordPress blog. This allows you to keep your site free from broken links and will help you in the eyes of the search engines.

Why is this useful? Because Google and the other search engines don’t like a page with broken links in it and it will damage your page rank. Keep it tidy and keep Google happy and you’ll benefit from increased traffic to your website.

3. What To Wear When Blogging – WordPress Theme Selection

This is the part a lot of people get wrong. Get it right and it can increase your readership tenfold. Get it wrong and your site will be like a spring board, as soon as someone lands on it, they’ll bounce straight off. Theme selection is vital to building your internet business online by blogging.

Here are three of my favourite themes to give you an idea of where to start;

Blue Blix – a free WordPress theme which is bright and spacious and well laid out either in a two or three column style. Great for adding adsense too!

Talian – this is a great theme and one which you can customize to bring in adsense income as well as leads for your online business. This is how I have used it to provide information about carboncopypro while bringing in revenue through advertising on my site.

Flexibility – a marketers favourite. This theme allows you to add custom widgets, colours and styles and also to integrate an aweber newsletter sign up form very easily.

Thesis – a paid for premium theme but one which is SEO optimized and packs a powerful punch online to give your marketing ambitions some real weight behind them.

Personally, I like a minimalistic theme, bright, spacious and easy to navigate as well as read. Whatever theme you go for be sure to go for one which can be

modified to add your own widgets, header photos, a newsletter opt-in form and adsense to make it unique, personalised and profitable at the same time.

4. What To Say And Who To Make It Pay – (How Successful bloggers build their business)

There are three simple ways that bloggers make money online and if you’re intending to build a carboncopypro business or any other online business by blogging then cashflow is essential to your success. Here is a short list of how successful bloggers make money from their site;

They sell products by reviewing them on the blog.
They sell advertising space on the site
They sell knowledge to their readers through a newsletter

What each of these income streams needs is traffic, ongoing traffic from a trusted source and there is no better way to continue to drive traffic to your

website than through an email list. This is not so much new traffic but re-using what you have over and over again. Provide value and quality information to

your list and they will continue to return to your site, increasing its overall traffic value and providing you with more opportunities to make sales from your readership.

Add an opt-in form to your blog to encourage readers to leave their email and contact details in return for ongoing coaching or information on your business, whether that’s carboncopypro or any other online business you decide to build. So get out there and start to put that news letter together!

5. The Final Frontier – Online Promotion

Finally, when you have your site set up and ready to go and you have written a great article to launch it you’ll want to get the word out about your website

and tell the world all about your online business through your blog. Here’s a short list of places to promote your blog to. Add a link to your website when

you set up a profile on each of these social networking and bookmarking sites and you will soon see your page rank and traffic start to climb.

Google notebooks

How Long Does It Take To Become A Physical Therapy Technician

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For prospective physical therapy students, a common question is, How long does it take to become a physical therapy technician? Some people prefer this career path to that of a physical therapist because the schooling is so much shorter, and the job is so much more flexible. Many students also become physical therapy technicians and work part time as they continue their schooling to become physical therapists, gaining experience and networking along the way. In less than two years you can be a licensed physical therapy technician ready to apply for jobs in this burgeoning field.

Becoming a physical therapy technician requires an associates degree from an accredited institution, which takes just under two years. After you complete your degree, you can take the certification exams and become licensed to work as a physical therapy assistant. Many people also complete an internship, either during the final semesters of school or the months after graduation. This experience is vital if you want to be ready to hit the ground running in your future career. It also provides an excellent opportunity for networking.

If you dont end up working at the place you interned you can simply begin applying for jobs at physical therapists offices and hospitals as long as you have the degree and PTA license. It will help your job prospects if you appear physically fit, as this job requires lifting and positioning patients and working long hours on your feet. Patients are also more likely to take advice about health and fitness from someone who seems to be physically fit, and it just cant ever hurt to be in good shape.

With training, experience and confidence you can apply for jobs and find an excellent employment opportunity as a physical therapy technician. If you start now you can be done with school in less than two years, after which you can immediately register for the certification exams and start studying. Before you know it youll be working in a rewarding and growing career field, making patients lives better as part of a dedicated health care team.

Institutions offering quality Physical Therapy Programs include, Cortiva Institute, Apollo College, Kaplan College, and Keiser University.

Find the perfect Physical Therapy School today or Physical Therapy Program and start your path to a rewarding career.

To know more about perfect Physical Therapy School offering Physical Therapy Program visit http://www.physicaltherapyschoolsu.com

No, no es un cardenal migratorio. ¡Esta es nada menos que la grandiosa Rosa de Venezuela (Brownea grandiceps)!

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No, no es un cardenal migratorio. ¡Esta es nada menos que la grandiosa Rosa de Venezuela (Brownea grandiceps)!
educación it
Image by barloventomagico
[Translation: No, it is not a Summer Tanager. This is nothing less than the magnificent Rose of Venezuela (Brownea grandiceps)!]

Sobre la rosa de montaña, y en particular la especie conocida como rosa de Venezuela, he escrito lo siguiente:

La rosa de montaña roja es una especie ilustre, cuyo abolengo se remonta a los tiempos de los cronistas de Indias, algunos de los cuales resaltaban sobre todo sus virtudes terapéuticas, como se comprueba en la cita siguiente tomada del fraile cronista del siglo XVIII llamado Antonio Caulín:

«Así la rosa, como el palo, dado en decocción, tiene virtud abstringente… y por eso lo aplican en disenterías, diarreas, &c. Lo más maravilloso de este Palo es, que aplicado à una cortadura, por profunda que sea, luego estanca la sangre; y separado vuelve à correr como antes corría, y por tanto lo aplican à los fluxos inmódicos de las mugeres, colgado à las caderas. Descubrióse esta virtud el año de veinte, y siete, en que un mozo de Don Juan Meleros se cortó con un hacha un pie, que tenía sobre un trozo de este palo; y al ver, que no echaba sangre, lo retiraron, y corrió en abundancia; volvieronlo à aplicar al trozo, y repentinamente se detuvo: de este suceso se siguió después hacer vários experimentos en copiosos fluxos de narices, y otras partes, y se ha encontrado tener virtud abstringente en sumo grado» (Caulín, 1992 [1779], p. 27-28).

En relación a este uso de la rosa de montaña como coagulante, se ha dicho que «en la región de Barlovento preparan con las flores una bebida o infusión y se la dan a las mujeres que tienen hemorragias después del parto» (Hoyos, 1985, p. 115). Caulín, como clérigo que era, daba también una sutil connotación religiosa al hecho de que, al ser seccionados transversalmente el tronco o las ramas de este árbol, sus vasos presentaran una disposición reminiscente de una cruz, «particularidad de esta especie, común probablemente a todo el género Brownea» (Pittier, 1970 [1926 y 1939], p. 343), incluido el roso blanco, árbol emblemático del Estado Miranda, que como sucede con algunos de sus parientes más connotados, a veces se les da por tal motivo el nombre de palo de cruz, palo cruz o rosa de cruz.

Hay una rosa de montaña muy especial, bautizada por los botánicos como Brownea grandiceps, que fue muy conocida y estimada fuera de nuestro país, en particular en Europa, donde le fue dado nada menos que el nombre de «Flor de Venezuela» o «Rosa de Venezuela» en razón de que «el material que sirvió para la primera descripción científica fue colectado en las montañas colindantes de la ciudad de Caracas por el botánico Bredemeyer. “Nunca he podido ver, sin recogimiento, los vetustos especímenes de dicha planta, que se hallan en las quebradas de Cotiza, por considerarlas como venerables testigos de los esfuerzos iniciales hechos en pro de la conquista de la riquísima flora venezolana”. Muchos de estos arbolitos fueron exportados cuidadosamente a Europa, donde fueron objeto de ornato, “El más hermoso árbol florido de América”, dirá un botánico europeo que visitó Venezuela en 1803» (Hoyos, 1974, p. 68). No extraña, por tanto, que el poeta barloventeño Oscar Rojas Jiménez le haya incorporado a su Canto al trópico americano en una estrofa que dice:

«Vi crecer a la orilla de mis años
tus bosques de la fiebre
y los cien pétalos ardientes
de la rosa de montaña atormentada»

(Rojas, 1954, p. 4)

Bibliografía citada

Caulín, Fray Antonio. 1992 [1779]. «Historia corográfica de la Nueva Andalucía». Academia Nacional de la Historia. Caracas.

Hoyos, Jesús. 1974. «Arboles cultivados de Venezuela». Sociedad de Ciencias Naturales La Salle. Caracas.

Hoyos, Jesús. 1985. «Flora emblemática de Venezuela». Petróleos de Venezuela. Caracas.

Pittier, Henri. 1970 [1926 y 1939]. «Manual de las plantas usuales de Venezuela y su suplemento». Fundación Eugenio Mendoza. Caracas.

Rojas Jiménez, Oscar. 1954. «Canto al trópico americano». Ediciones del Ministerio de Educación. Caracas.

Driving Licences
educación it
Image by brizzle born and bred

driving test facts

Mr Bean was the first person to pass the driving test in 1935… fact! But it’s not that Mr Bean, it was Mr J Beene who paid a grand total of 37p (7d / 6p in old money) to take the test.

There were no test centres in 1935 so you had to arrange to meet the examiner somewhere like a post office, train station or town hall.

The test was suspended for the duration of World War Two and didn’t resume until 1 November 1946.

In 1975, candidates no longer had to demonstrate hand signals.

The theory test was introduced in 1996, replacing questions about the Highway Code during the practical test.

Driving was much more hazardous 75 years ago, 7,343 people were killed on Britain’s roads when only 2.4 million vehicles were in operation – in 2008, 2,538 people were killed with 26.5 million vehicles on the road.

Candidates could book their theory test online for the first time in December 2001.

The pass rate in 1935 was 63 per cent compared to 46 per cent in 2009.

1969 saw the first driving test set for an automatic vehicle.

Since 1935 more than 46 million tests have been taken.

See – The Funny Side Of Being A Driving Instructor!


UK driving licences were introduced by the Motor Car Act 1903 but no test was required.

The Motor Car Act 1903 introduced registration of motor cars and licensing of drivers in the United Kingdom and increased the speed limit.

The act followed the Locomotives on Highways Act 1896 which had increased the speed limit for motorcars to 14 mph from previous 4 mph speed limit in rural area and 2 mph in towns.

There were some who wished to see the speed limit removed altogether.

The influential Automobile Club (soon to become the Royal Automobile Club or RAC) was split on the subject; the chair of the working group on the bill was Lord Montagu (MP) who took a moderate line supporting speed limits, but was opposed on this by the chairman of the organisation Roger Wallace who were ‘strongly against any speed limit’ and described Montagu as a ‘traitor’. The secretary of the club publicly proposed a ‘compromise’ of 25 mph without authorisation. Parliametary debates were described as ‘bitter’.

A test for disabled drivers was introduced by the Road Traffic Act 1930.

Legislation for compulsory testing was introduced for all new drivers with the Road Traffic Act 1934. The test was initially voluntary to avoid a rush of candidates until 1 June 1935 when all people who had started to drive on or after 1 April 1934 needed to have passed the test.

Testing was suspended during World War II.

Testing was suspended again during the Suez Crisis in 1956 to allow examiners help to administer petrol rations.

The Roads Act 1920 was Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which established the Road Fund, introduced tax disks.

The driving theory test was introduced in July 1996 as a written examination which was updated to a computer based test in 2000.

The hazard perception test was introduced in November 2002.

Driving licenses go by several different names, used both colloquially and formally. Driver’s licence is used in Canada; driving license and driver license are used in the United States.

The form driver licence is found in New Zealand and Australia (being introduced). Conversely almost all Australians refer to it as a driver’s licence. Driving licence is used in India, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Malta, in European Union official usage, and in former British colonies such as Hong Kong, Pakistan and Singapore.

The first driver’s license of sorts was issued to the inventor of the modern automobile, Karl Benz, in 1888. Because the noise and smell of his Motorwagen resulted in complaints by the citizens of Mannheim, Benz requested and received written permission by the Grand Ducal authorities to operate his car on public roads.

Up until the start of the 20th century, European authorities issued driver’s licences similarly ad hoc, if at all. The first locality to require a mandatory driving licence and testing was Prussia, on 29 September 1903. The Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein ("steam boiler supervision association") was charged with conducting the tests, which were mainly concerned with the drivers’ mechanical aptitude.

In 1910, the German imperial government mandated the licensing of drivers on a national scale, establishing a system of tests and driver’s education requirements that would serve as a model for the licensing laws of other countries.

As automobile-related fatalities soared in North America, public outcry provoked legislators to begin studying the French and German statutes as models. On August 1, 1910, North America’s first driver’s licensing law went into effect in the U.S. state of New York, though it initially applied only to professional chauffeurs. In July 1913, the state of New Jersey became the first to require all drivers to pass a mandatory examination before receiving a license.

Because a large number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States have no national identification cards and because of the widespread use of cars, driving licenses are often used as a de facto standard form of identification.

Many European countries, New Zealand and Canada require drivers to produce their license on demand when driving. In such countries, the driver must always carry their license on them when driving. In the United Kingdom, it is not necessary for drivers to carry their driving licence while driving. However, if stopped, a driver may be required to produce their licence at a nominated police station within seven days. The police issue a form for this purpose, colloquially known as the "seven-day wonder" or a "producer".

Some European countries require adults to carry identification at all times. A driving licence is not necessarily valid as identification in every European country.

In the People’s Republic of China (mainland), Hong Kong, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, the driving license number is the same as the citizen’s ID number.

A driving licence in Hong Kong carries the same number as the holder’s ID card, but has no photograph. Upon inspection both must be presented. Plans to make the newly phased in Smart ID contain driving licence information have been shelved.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia requires all drivers to carry an ID card in addition to a license and present them whenever requested. Using a driving licence instead is only permitted if the request is made for on-site inspection/identification purposes, especially at checkpoints. Expatriates may be requested to present their visas as well.


Citizens of all Egyptian governorates are entitled to a driving license once they have reached the age of 18. To obtain their licenses, applicants must pass only one test.

Until a few years ago,when? Egypt was known for having the easiest driving test in the world. In order to pass, all a person had to do was drive six meters forward and then reverse six meters. However, the test has recently been updated to make it more difficult, now the applicant has to answer 8 out of 10 correct answers in a computer test, then pass a forward & reverse S-track test.


The legal driving age of Moroccan Citizens is 18.

South Africa

The minimum driving age in South Africa is 18, except for small motorcycles which may be driven from the age of 16. To obtain a licence, applicants must pass a written or computer-based test to obtain a learner’s licence, and then pass a road test to obtain the driving licence.


The European Union has adopted a common format for Driving Licences, and a common set of Driving Licence categories. They were introduced to replace the 110 different plastic and paper driving licences. The common format with the same information in the same place on all licences allows the Driving Licence to be understood, even if it is in a different language. See: European driving licence.


The minimum age for obtaining a driver’s licence in Romania is 16 for A1, 18 for A, B, BE, Tr, C, CE and 21 for D, DE, Tb, Tv, D1 and D1E. In order to obtain a driving license, a person must follow a driving school with a duration depending on the desired category and pass a theory and road exam.


The age to obtain a driver’s licence in Canada varies by Province, as do the necessary procedures. The minimum age for obtaining a drivers’ licence to drive solo in most provinces is 16. The territories vary.

United States

The eligible age varies substantially by state, but by nationally by age 16 one can obtain a license after passing the requisite tests. Since the driver’s license is a commonplace document that carries much of the necessary information need for identification, it has become the primary method of identification in the United States.


A driver is allowed a driver’s permit at the age of 14, until they receive a driving license at the age of 15, they are not allowed to drive alone


A citizen may obtain a learner’s permit once he or she is age 17. A learner will get their driving license upon being proven competent, only through the results of both a written and practical test. This license expires on the holder’s fifth birthday after the date of issue.

Costa Rica

Every vehicle driver must carry a driving license (Licencia de Conducir), which is issued by a special education department (Dirección General Educación Vial) of the ministry of transportation and public infrastructure (Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transporte).

For this license to be granted there are three needed tests, practical driving (includes driving a car in simulated streets), theoretical driving (a multiple selection written test based on booklet issued by the education department or after taking a special course), and finally a medical test performed by a medical practitioner that tests eyesight, blood pressure and attests the presence of other diseases and behavior of the driver.

Every citizen can solicit a driving license at age 18, after being issued the first time, the license must be renewed after two years, and every successive occasion after five years.

Besides this document the driver must carry the national identity card (Cédula de Identidad), however both documents use the same identification number, the national identity card being the basis of the driving license number.


Pakistani driver’s license issued by Lahore District Police.The minimum age for eligibility for learner’s permit is 18 years de facto; as the driver’s information is saved against the Computerized National ID Card number which is issued at the age of 18. The License Issuing Authorities vary to each district and work under the relative District Police.

To obtain a driver’s license one must register for the learner’s permit at his/her local District Police’s designated license offices and after 42 days can apply for test for a regular full license. The test comprises of a theory based test followed by a short practical test. Only the one’s who pass the theory test are allowed to take the practical test. The whole test stage is a single day process where both the tests are to be taken the same day.


The minimum driving age varies between 16 to 18 years of age in different States and Territories. After the minimum age, a graduated licensing scheme operates, with State variations. Queensland implemented new laws after July 2007. Queensland follows a graduate licensing system, which runs like this: At 16 Years – learners permit (after passing theory test), Black and Yellow L plates must be displayed and 100 hours of on road driving must be logged including 10 hours of night driving.

At 17 Years a Q-Safe practical driving test may be taken if the license has been held for at least a year and the 100 logged hours are confirmed. If passed, the driver is issued with a P1 license. Red and white P plates must be displayed. Restrictions include a B.A.C of 0.00, no mobile phones while driving (including hands-free), no more than 1 passenger between 11pm – 5am (direct family members excepted) and no high powered cars, e.g. Turbo or 8 and 12 cylinder engines. At 18 Years a hazard perception test is taken. The driver then obtains a P2 License, which places restrictions similar to a P1, except that hands free phones may be used and no special restrictions are placed on the number of passengers allowed. At 20 Years the driver obtains an open license which has a maximum B.A.C of 0.05.

New Zealand

The minimum age to obtain a Learner Licence is 15 in New Zealand.

Day-camp kids entering the park
educación it
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a May 20, 2010 blog titled "Algunas recomendaciones para los cursos de verano." It was also published in a May 15, 2011 NYCppl.com blog titled "Happiness through yoga," as well as an undated (mid-May 2011) blog titled "Educación vial para niños (2): caminando por la calle."


These pictures were taken on two successive days when I had doctor appointments on the Upper East Side of NYC, and had the chance to walk along Fifth Avenue, and then through Central Park in order to return to my apartment on the Upper West Side, at Broadway & 96th

I had now reached the west side of the inner roadway that circumnavigates Central Park, and was heading north toward the exit on 96th Street. This was almost at the 96th Street exit, where I planned to leave the park; indeed, you can see parts of a church on the far (west) side of Central Park West), as well as parts of a truck and traffic sign.

I was intrigued by this group of young children, who were entering the park under the watchful eye of a teacher or camp counselor. It appears that the kids were all wearing fluoresent vests of some kind, perhaps to make their presence more visible to passing cars. Note also how several of them are holding onto a rope, to keep themselves together…

Infantile colic gets relief from chiropractic- Chiropractor Coogee

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educación infantil
by Irekia


Crying is a natural response for infants. They cry when they’re hungry or tired, when their nappy is soiled, and when they just need the comfort of loving arms. But when infants wail more than three hours a day, for three or more days a week, and over three weeks or longer, the baby is possibly suffering from colic.

This condition, which appears between two weeks and four months of age, presents with a variety of symptoms:

• Inconsolable, piercing crying that lasts for three hours or more, mostly in late afternoon or evening

• Clenched fists

• Legs pulled tightly into abdomen

• Tense abdominal muscles

• Rumbling stomach sounds

Colic affects about 10 to 20 percent of infants – although in a recent survey of Australian parents, 60 percent reported their babies suffered from this condition, which is painful for the infant and frustrating for the parent who can’t provide relief. Colic shows no predisposition to vaginal or Caesarean births. The cause has not been clearly determined. Some colicky babies suffer gastrointestinal distress resulting from too much gas in the intestine or intolerance to milk or formula. Their agonized outbursts could also be triggered by a reaction to something in the mother’s milk, like medication, caffeine, or nicotine. However, studies have shown that less than five percent of colic cases are due to these organic causes.

Colic has also been attributed to behavioral causes, such as anxious mothers transferring their negative energy to their babies. Feeding position has been blamed as well. Some experts believe that colic is a disorder of the baby’s central nervous system, resulting from birth trauma. The pushing, stretching, and contracting put pressure on the baby’s tiny, tender body. A prolonged delivery or the use of forceps or a vacuum can shift the infant’s neck and back vertebrae out of alignment. Because these vertebrae directly impact the rest of the body, the misalignment can create painful problems in an immature organ or system. When the digestive system is compromised by a subluxation, an infant suffers pain when trying to digest breast milk or formula. As a result, more and more parents are turning to chiropractic for treating their colicky infants.

Gentle fingertip pressure applied to the misaligned areas on the baby’s neck and spine is painless. Infants often show relaxation immediately after the treatment. This process enables the baby’s body to heal naturally, without medication.

A clinical trial reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics [1] studied two groups of infants over a period of 12 days. One group was treated with dimethicone, commonly used as a gas reliever. The other group received chiropractic adjustment. By the eleventh day of the trial, the infants that received the medication were crying one hour less. The chiropractic group’s crying reduced by 2.4 hours, which was a 270 percent improvement over the pharmaceutical approach. Over the 12 days of the study, the chiropractic group experienced a 67 percent reduction in crying and the medicated babies decreased their crying by 38 percent.

Another study [2] of 316 babies who were diagnosed with colic showed that 94 percent of the infants who received chiropractic treatment demonstrated satisfactory results within two weeks. Fifty-one percent of these babies had previously undergone drug therapy, with unsuccessful results. A different study [3] of 132 colicky infants showed that 91 percent of the parents reported improvement after an average of two to three chiropractic adjustments, within one week after the start of treatment. A 2007 study reported in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia stated, “Chiropractic care provides a potentially useful alternative for management of irritable babies.” [4]

While colic generally subsides when an infant reaches four months old, the baby’s discomfort should be addressed and eased as soon as possible. The parents, as well, experience frustration and fatigue while trying unsuccessfully to console their colicky infants. Chiropractic treatment provides pain – and drug-free option that lets everyone rest a little easier.

About the Author

Felicity Young was inspired by chiropractic from an early age after her experience as a child suffering headaches. After her mother intuitively took her to a chiropractor, who was able to treat and manage her symptoms, she recognized the power of chiropractic. Felicity has been an integral part of the Chirosports team for over four years in various capacities. In addition to six years of study at Macquarie University, she has completed extra studies in pediatric and pregnancy care, acupuncture, neurology, extremities and sports injuries, and is a Registered Trigenics Practitioner (Trigenics is a neurological treatment system which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to relieve pain, increase movement and strengthen muscles).

Felicity Young has been an integral part of the Chirosports team for over four years in various capacities. In addition to six years of study at Macquarie University, she has completed extra studies in pediatric and pregnancy care, acupuncture, neurology, extremities and sports injuries, and is a Registered Trigenics Practitioner. For more information and inquires, visit http://www.chirosports.com.au/clinics/coogee today.

Estudiantes de un Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior de Educación Infantil. Asignatura “Expresión y Comunicación” IES VILLABLANCA (Vicálvaro – Madrid)
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Preguntas & Respuestas: ¿como conseguir una beca en princeton university para mexicanos?

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Preguntas & Respuestas: ¿como conseguir una beca en princeton university para mexicanos?

Sobre Preguntas & Respuestas: ¿como Conseguir Una Beca En Princeton University Para Mexicanos?

Consulte sobre Preguntas & Respuestas: ¿como conseguir una beca en princeton university para mexicanos? relacionada con becas.

Question by Yandelita: ¿como conseguir una beca en princeton university para mexicanos?
hola… ¿alguien sabe como o cual es el proceso para conseguir una beca para la universidad princeton en estados unidos para mexicanos y que carreras hay?… gracias por la ayuda.

Best answer:

Answer by mariana_bee92
Para empezar, las unicas becas en Princeton son por necesidad económica. Cuando aplicas mandas documentos para que te hagan un estudio socioeconomico y si te aceptan, te ofrecen una beca segun cuanto determinan ellos que puedes pagar (que a veces es MAS de lo que de verdad podrias pagar).

Esta información se la paso a los Latinos que quieren estudiar en Estados Unidos…espero que te sirva de algo.

En primer lugar, debes investigar que universidades te llaman la atención. Busca rankings de universidades y sobre todo enfócate en aquellas que tienen tu “major” de preferencia…es decir, en lo que te vas a graduar. Por ejemplo, si quieres estudiar Mercadotecnia en inglés eso se llama Marketing. Para buscar universidades es muy útil esta herramienta: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/csearch/index.html

Toma nota de lo que ponen en la pestaña “SAT, AP, CLEP” que te sale cuando haces clic en el nombre de alguna universidad. ¿Cuál es el “promedio” en el SAT para esa universidad? Un resultado de 1500 en el SAT (500 en cada categoría) es el promedio de un alumno Americano. Por lo tanto, una universidad que pide 700 en cada categoría es usualmente de mejor calibre, pero asimismo mucho más selectiva.

En la página de CollegeBoard puedes buscar universidades por major, por área geográfica, por tamaño de la universidad, etc. Todo esto es para que encuentres un lugar donde te sientas cómodo. No te vayas a Nueva York si toda la vida has vivido en un pueblito y no crees poder acostumbrarte a la gran ciudad…o viceversa.

Luego debes presentar el SAT (también existe el ACT pero yo no tengo experiencia con ese examen). Es un examen en inglés que mide tus habilidades en lectura, matemáticas y escritura, incluyendo la redacción de un ensayo corto. También a través de la página de CollegeBoard te puedes registrar para esto. Aquí puedes encontrar algo de información: http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-international-dates

Tendrás que buscar en dónde puedes presentar el examen (la misma página te orientará con esto).

En tu formato de registro para el SAT puedes escoger a que universidades quieres que les manden tus resultados. Tienes 4 envíos de resultados gratis, así que te recomiendo que los uses en las 4 universidades que más te llamaron la atención cuando estabas haciendo tu búsqueda. Recuerda que de tu desempeño en el SAT depende a que universidades puedes entrar, así que es recomendable estudiar de libros de preparación para el SAT. También es recomendable darle una repasadita a tu lectura de comprensión en inglés porque el SAT en sí no es difícil…lo difícil a veces es entender QUÉ están preguntando.

Un mes después (aproximadamente) de tomar el SAT te darán tus resultados…y ahí podrás ver si tienes esperanzas de entrar a las universidades que querías o no. Si tu puntuación no da para las universidades que elegiste, vuelve a buscar universidades menos exigentes y envíales tus resultados a éstas (lo cual te va a costar 10 dólares por universidad, creo).

Desde antes de recibir tus resultados en el SAT te tienes que ir preparando para aplicar. Busca que tipo de materiales para aplicar requieren las universidades que quieres. Algunas piden cartas de recomendación, otras piden otros exámenes aparte del SAT, todas piden tus calificaciones oficiales desde 3ero de secundaria (9th grade) hasta 3ro de prepa (12th grade). Es útil ir juntando estos materiales con anterioridad, porque muchas veces vas a requerir una traducción para que los de admisiones de tu universidad lo puedan leer.

Depende de lo que te hayas sacado en el SAT es si tienes que presentar el TOEFL o no. Yo te recomendaría presentarlo por si las dudas, aunque esto depende de la universidad y del individuo.

Y ya de este punto en adelante todo es individual. Los ensayos que tengas que escribir, las formas que tengas que mandar y los pagos por aplicar que tengas que hacer (las universidades te cobran por aplicar) son dependiendo de las universidades que quieras. Las becas y todo eso también es dependiendo de la universidad. Lo de la visa (uff) es otro problema que la universidad te ayudará a resolver. Si te aceptan te mandarán la forma que dice que serás alumno con ellos (se llama I-20) y ya con eso puedes tramitar una visa de estudiante, que es lo que necesitas para poder estudiar la carrera ahí.

Para todo este proceso vas a necesitar una tarjeta de crédito, mucha paciencia y mucha dedicación. Pero si logras cumplir todos estos requisitos no hay ninguna razón por la que no te puedas ir a los Estados Unidos a estudiar.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Preguntas & Respuestas: ¿como conseguir una beca en princeton university para mexicanos?

Para nosotros es trascendental conocer las experiencias y espectativas respecto a las noticias que publican las distintas agencias de medios de comunicación a través de nuestro portal de educación, y es por eso que agradeceríamos mucho el que nos compartieras cualquier aspecto relacionado con las categorías sugeridas, en este caso con becas.

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