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Sucking ‘n’ Shocking: Sicko Reveals

Sucking ‘n’ Shocking: Sicko Reveals

Tópico Sucking ‘n’ Shocking: Sicko Reveals

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Michael Moore’s latest flick has finally hit the nail on the head. The release of Sicko in the Yankee theatres has heaped up a controversy. Having released on 29th June 2007, this documentary film not solely investigates the US healthcare system but conjointly point out varied loopholes related to it. These loopholes have been featured as those US health insurance companies that function at the cost of the lives of its citizens. Christened as a wickedly funny satire by many, Sicko pungently reveals the inadequacies of the Yankee healthcare system. Its narrative is infused with instances of the inhuman behavior of multiple health insurance corporations who have been accountable for the death of diverse patients. The irony lies in the fact that these firms reward those employees who have helped to negate company expenditure by denying maximum number of health coverage requests. One such memorable piece recounted in the movie is that of Linda Peeno, who denied a life-saving operation to a man. Her decision was held in high esteem as she saved [*fr1] a million greenbacks her company had to incur. The shocking realities don’t end here. The movie presents paraphernalia of woes caused because of the sucking policies of the Yank healthcare system. The exorbitant cost of American medication is no news. However its adverse consequences on the commoners are portrayed movingly. Frank, an elderly man, works at Pathmark to acquire his medicine. Next, we tend to come back across a married couple, who was forced to maneuver in with their daughter because the daddy had three heart attacks, and the mother suffered serious problems as well. Moore virtually moves the audience to tears when he comes the case Rick who accidentally chopped off the tops of his middle and ring fingers.

Disclosing his inability to get each the operations, the hospital offered him a alternative of reattaching his middle finger at 60,000$ or his ring finger at twelve,000$ . A romantic to the core, Rick selected his ring finger to be reattached for a bargain worth of 12 grand. All these instances are tragic indeed, however the interview with Becky, a health insurance worker, could be a haunting one. She breaks down while recounting the experience of her grueling job. It is through her that Moore reveals how the Yankee healthcare system not only leaves out 50 million uninsured citizens however additionally negates aid to the 250 million insured Americans. As Moore himself testifies, “This can be not a broken system, this can be a sick system”, and Sicko presents an announcement to Moore’s vision. This brilliantly directed film will well to create a comparison between the US healthcare system and the healthcare policies of such nations as France, Cuba, England, and Canada. The scene where Moore strolls round the streets of France with a doctor attending on house calls, presents a stark distinction to the inhospitable, rather hostile American healthcare system. The movie ends with Moore taking a cluster of 9/eleven victims to Cuba, leaving a query unanswered: “Is it so hellish to measure in America?” The solution, most certainly, lies with the folks; however the movie, too, obliquely points to a resolution: medical tourism. The new mantra of medical tourism has been attracting a heap of Yank patients to seem for healthcare and medical facilities outside the US. Therefore, if Sicko’s reality bites, there’s medical tourism to offer you a healing treatment!

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Sucking ‘n’ Shocking: Sicko Reveals

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