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Special report calls for strengthened Canada-Mexico relations on eve of presidential visit

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Special report calls for strengthened Canada-Mexico relations on eve of presidential visit

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Waterloo, Canada (PRWEB) November 22, 2012

The time is right for Canada and Mexico to upgrade their bilateral relationship to strengthen both countries economies and security, according to a special report issued by The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The report is being issued on the eve of a visit to Canada by Mexicos new president, Enrique Pe

Unprecedented Levels of Transnational Organized Crime Require Urgent International Action, CIGI Report Says

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Waterloo, Canada (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

From Central Americas drug cartels and human trafficking in Australia to money laundering and financial fraud in Switzerland, organized crime has embraced globalization and is causing national security issues around the world. But why are multilateral, global governance bodies and international leaders not taking more action?

A new conference report from The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) looks at how the constructive powers initiative (CPI) can play a greater role in addressing the security and institutional challenges that organized crime inflicts upon regional and global security.

The current geographical breadth, level of sophistication and broad array of markets and activities that transnational organized criminals are involved in is unprecedented, the report says. [Organized crime] is constantly on the lookout for new markets, new routes to smuggle its products and weak states where it can set up operations. Moreover, the dimensions and impact of transnational organized crime are not exclusive to law enforcement; contrary to what many governments believe, this type of crime undermines national institutions more broadly.

The report points out that member states of universal organizations such as the United Nations do not treat the issue with the urgency it requires, which inhibits progress on policy coordination. In addition, policy advisers, who are responsible for anticipating items for their national leaders, are challenged by the speed at which transnational issues are emerging and evolving in a post-Cold War world. The report calls for greater leadership and partnerships in policy coordination and capacity-building to tackle these challenges and transnational organized crime.

The report notes that, to tackle transnational organized crime, countries with shared interests will need to generate momentum with the strategic decision to make coordinating their crime policies a priority. Hence, there is functional role for the CPI, which is made up of government and non-government representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey: countries that are democratic, politically influential, economically significant, non-nuclear-armed with a proven track record of active and creative diplomacy at both the regional and global levels. The CPI, with its independence of thought and research, combined with its composition, allows for it to identify emerging security issues, and also influence and play a useful role in global governance bodies such as the G20, the report states.

To access a free, online copy of “Global Governance and the Challenge of Transnational Organized Crime: The Role of the Constructive Powers,” please click here. The report is based on workshop discussions held in Mexico City, during September 2012, organized by the Centro de Investigaci

Mallorca Property Prices Report – A Guide For Purchasers of Property For Sale in Mallorca

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Mallorca Property Prices Report – A Guide For Purchasers of Property For Sale in Mallorca

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A war of words has broken out between developers on the Island of Mallorca and the College of Technical Architects (Aparejadores) over what is happening to property prices in Mallorca, and the outlook for the future.

Unsurprisingly the developers, many of whom have large stocks of unsold properties (although not as large as those on the Mainland), argue that prices won’t drop further fearing, no doubt, that buyers will sit on their hands waiting for further falls before committing to any purchase. Official figures from the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) suggest prices across Spain fell by 9.2% between April 2009 and the same month last year. Tinsa, one of Spain’s largest valuers, published a similar figure of 10.1%, although referred to a figure of 17.1% for the Mediterranean coastal areas and 10.4% for the Balearic Islands.

Although these figures do not take into account falls prior to April 2008, official figures of price movements since the top of the market passed are not more than circa 15% and therefore along way short of what is happening in other countries (UK, USA, Ireland etc) where similar property price bubbles have been experienced. As we have mentioned on a number of occasions it seems much more likely that the statistics in Spain are inaccurate rather than that Spain is suffering less, and price reductions are subsequently lower.

Anecdotal evidence, where sales are being achieved are of price reductions much nearer 30 – 40% with the largest falls in areas with greatest over supply problems and poorer quality properties. While Mallorca has very significant defensive qualities – more limited over supply of unsold new build properties; a history of “lifestyle” purchasers rather than speculative investors; a top quality international brand; and a large stock of top quality luxury properties, we have long maintained that property values in Mallorca have fallen although in many cases this has not been reflected in asking prices, many of which have remained stubbornly high.

It is thus refreshing to hear that our fellow professionals, the Aparejadores, believe that where sites are being purchased for future development these are being done so at values which will allow subsequent sales to be done at up to 30% below the “boom time” levels.

They quote land prices of between 42,000€ and 48,000€ per dwelling, on small unit schemes, compared to 102,000€ and 108,000€ at the height of the boom and the start of the credit crisis.

Clearly this will have a direct impact on second hand property values and those of the unsold stock of new build properties. Even if asking prices don’t drop the reality is that actual sales prices, particularly where mortgage finance is required and where the bank valuers are coming in with much lower figures, need to fall if buyers are to commit. The key for buyers is to thoroughly review the market, if necessary seeking independent valuation advice, and to negotiate hard. This is a buyers market (and yes there are some good buying opportunities) so don’t be the one that over pays because someone says Mallorca property prices “don’t really fall”! (each individual case needs to be assessed on it’s own merits and some properties will see lower price reductions than others but no property, however special, can be total immune to what is happening, so as the saying goes “buyer beware”!

David Novi is founding Partner of Mallorca property agents, Novi Property Mallorca (http://www.novipropertymallorca.com), Mallorca Chartered Surveyors (http://www.mallorcacharteredsurveyors.com), Mallorca Real Estate Search, The Mallorca Mortgage Business and Properties International Mallorca

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Mallorca Property Prices Report – A Guide For Purchasers of Property For Sale in Mallorca

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