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Places For Tourists In Spain impressive Ronda

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Places For Tourists In Spain impressive Ronda

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Ronda is situated at the edge of a canyon measuring 120 meters deep and 70 meters wide, right in the midst of the Serana de Ronda mountain range. Although it has only 40,000 inhabitants, no one regrets over the 60 km distance from Marbella to this incredible place in the whole of Spain.

Ronda is a surprising town famous for its splendid bridge and stone bull ring with Moorish buildings. Its central square is big and lively with delectable cuisine from the mountain ranges nearby.

Renowned writers have been inspired by this splendid town with its varied civilizations as history base, which Ronda has been careful to preserve the legacy.

The Different Epochs of Ronda

Ronda is very famous for its varied epochs which form its history from the Romans, Moors, and the Christian Reconquest. There have been a few pre-historical discoveries around Ronda like the historical Dolmen de Chopo tomb, as well as the wall painted Pileta cave which displays some insights of the civilization that existed back then.

The Roman-based Acinipo is a well-maintained amphitheater that is noteworthy for a feel of the medieval time.

The Moors called Ronda Izn-Rand Onda while it was a more significant town during the Mussulman era which accounts for the existing Arabian bathes, Puente Viejo bridge, as well as two palaces: the Casa de Mondragn and the Casa del Gigante which is also known as the Giants House. Another miniature palace here exhibits the Nazarian architecture with stone relics of a giant, implicating Phoenician origins.

There stands the collegiate of Santa Maria la Mayor which was built over the site of a Moorish mosque.

Sightseeing in Ronda

There is always plenty to explore around Ronda, with the Puente Nuevo bridge topping the must-see list. This bridge spans over the Tajo River at about 100 m looking like an ancient Roman aqueduct, but it was really built by an architect called Jos Martin during the 18th century.

Ronda’s Toros Plaza is a must- see as its original bull ring was totally built from stones in 1784 by Jose Martin also. Its style is very neoclassical and solid, which is very appropriate for such activities. Pedro Romero who was Spains legendary bullfighter also founded the famed bullfighting schoolEscuela Rondea competing with another Sevillanian counterpart who was established earlier.

Rondas bullfight ring, the Real Maestranza, is the oldest in Spain that can hold 5,000 spectators. It has a main entrance made of stone with 2 levels of seating and 68 arches. The bull ring arena measures up to 66 m across to claim the title of being the largest in Spain.

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Places For Tourists In Spain impressive Ronda

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Colegio Ronda Norte

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Colegio Ronda Norte

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Colegio Ronda Norte

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