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TAG Grand Carrera – An Outstanding Timepiece

TAG Grand Carrera – An Outstanding Timepiece

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TAG Grand Carrera is one of the most luxurious and well designed watch brands on the market. TAG is not only famous for its sports cars but also its creation of sporty watches that are considered the high performance vehicles of the watch world. The Grand Carrera design managed to show the harmonic incorporation of the excellent movement, the functionality and the sporty look – all in one design.


This is a classic watch that will never go out of style no matter what is considered trendy or fashionable. TAG Heuer stresses the importance of timeless style and quality as the Grand Carrera will last for years and you only need to buy one to last a lifetime.


This watch has some great features some being functional and others purely decorative. You can set two different time zones on the watch as well as chronograph time. It also contains a seconds hand so you can time things if necessary. You will look perfectly at ease and great whether you are wearing the Grand Carrera with your jeans or as part of formal wear in black tie. This means you can get the best out of your watch and makes it great value.


TAG has put a lot of time into creating this watch as it is an update of the Carerra watch. The latest innovation and craftsmanship has been used to create this watch and it has yet to meet its match. You will be sure to turn heads when people see your TAG Grand Carerra on your arm.


A couple notable features on the watch include the oversized screws on the crown, curved facet markers and a push button clasp.


This watch has won the most prestigious awards for watches; the Grad Prix for sport watches. There are not many watches that get this award and it is only one of many that the TAG Grand Carrera has won. It is clear that the inspiration or movement and modern cars were a winning combination.


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TAG Grand Carrera – An Outstanding Timepiece

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