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The Amazing Salamanca

The amazing Spain

Summer is getting closer and closer and everybody is enthusiastic about it; how can one not love the warm sun, the long sunny days, the cozy nights, the delicate sands of a stretched beach and the beauties of a park covered by all the colors in the world? I am sure you all love this as I am sure that you are all already searching for your next holiday destination. This is why I thought that you might need a helping hand and I have the perfect suggestion: visit Spain! It is an amazing country with hundreds of places that deserve your interest and thousands of provinces, cities and monuments to visit. The list is extremely long but if you want a complete holiday destination with all sorts of attractions, then you should choose Salamanca.

The beautiful Salamanca

Salamanca is a province bordered by Extremadura and Portugal and it is situated on the famous meseta, the Spanish plateau that you will find in the northern part of the country. The landscapes that form the province are dominated by pastures, lots of trees and bushy undergrowth. The province has a spectacular city with the same name: Salamanca. Salamanca is not by far among the largest in Spain but it is large enough to offer you the possibility to take advantage of the entertaining activities of a city; however since it is small, it also offers you the intimacy and the privacy that only a village can give you.

Plaza Mayor is an important square in the city as this is one of the places where the inhabitants meet and also one of the places that have to be on your sightseeing list. The square is renowned as being one of the finest that Spain has and it is a wonderful spot to watch all those nationalities that gather in Salamanca thanks to its world renowned University. The city of Salamanca has to be visited by foot because it has numerous buildings and monuments with very unique designs that clearly deserve your entire attention. After you visit the city, you should know the fact that its surroundings are perfect for day trips; you can either choose a village or a place that offers you the opportunity to practice a sport in the mountains or around the picturesque lakes. Choose Salamanca for one of your holidays; you will love it!

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