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The Educational System in Costa Rica has Recently Pledged its Commitment to Continue to Have One of the Highest Literacy Rates in the World

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) October 23, 2007

According to reports and sources from the Costa Rica government, education is required for both boys and girls. The children of Costa Rica are educated in math, science, history and are taught English as their second language while continuing to master their native Spanish linguistics. Children are educated up until the 11th grade. There are select educational institutions that do teach courses through the 12th grade. Those who desire to continue their education have an option to choose from one of the local universities or elsewhere in the world.

La Universidad de Costa Rica, the largest school in the nation is located in San Jose. 35,000 students attend this university each year. Students focus on fine arts, the sciences, social science, education, engineering medicine and more. Graduate courses are also available at this university in most of the fields.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma Costa Rica is located in the heredia province of the nation. Some of the undergraduate coursework includes finance, language, cultural identity, art and technology. Postgraduate programs are also available at this university.

Insitituto de Tecnologico de Costa Rica is a smaller institution comprised of three regional campuses located on smaller plots of Costa Rica real estate. Each of the facilities has classrooms and extensive research laboratories for student use. Students focus on biological, architectural, and industrial design. Graduate programs are also available at this institute.

La Universidad Nacional Estatal a Distancia is primary a correspondence learning university. Undergraduate courses at UNED include work in education, national sciences, administration and social sciences/humanities. There are two dozen masters and doctorate programs. Students in the brural areas populate this school.

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